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Tech Announcements|2 MIN. READ

Attention: DPoS Supernode Participants


In order to ensure that the correct public key is registered on the blockchain, please follow these steps to successfully connect to the network and participate in the DPoS Supernode process.

First, please update your ELA Wallet if you have not already.

Download link on Google Play:


Download link for iOS version:


Then, check that the node public key from the server setup is consistent with the data on the blockchain.

Method 1: Check whether the server public key of the node is the same as the node public key in “Manage Election” page of the ELA Wallet.

Method 2: See if the node public key of the node matches the node public key of the corresponding server through the community web site:


Be sure to update the “Node Public Key” in the ELA Wallet’s “Election Management” with the server public key. Otherwise, there may be situations where the node is not functioning and the DPoS node rewards will not be available.

Also, please check that the node server firewall is configured properly. The firewall on the server of the node needs to set the TCP connection on port 20338 and port 20339 to the whole network. Then verify that the port is open. If the access times out, adjust the firewall as soon as possible.


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