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CRC Schedule Update


Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) is Elastos’ third line of consensus after PoW and DPoS. The purpose of CRC is to provide a consensus-based community governance mechanism that drives Elastos’ technological and ecosystem development, dispute resolution, and community asset management, as well as to establish incentives to foster community participation in the governance and community activities.

In response to COVID-19, the tech incubator that runs the Beijing office space where Elastos core development teams are stationed shut down its facilities for the health and safety of all occupants in early February. All team members have continued to work from home, and while all Elastos employees are healthy and remain in good spirits, challenging circumstances have naturally disrupted our workflow and development schedule as we have learned to adapt.

In response, team members have elected to work overtime and strengthen efforts to cut into the delays brought on by the virus. However, in order to maintain a stable workflow, we have decided to adjust CRC’s implementation schedule as follows:

Step 1: ELA Wallet v1.4.2 with DID integration will be released in mid- or late March 2020. This version will support DID functions for CRCandidates. CR Candidates will also be able to construct personal profiles, make public election declarations, and share other information through DID. DID will also be linked to all CR accounts, and will enable users to log in via a DID scan code.

Step 2: A new version of the node program supporting CRC will be released in late April 2020. In this version, the block height for the elected CR Council members (i.e., the deadline for inaugural CR Council Elections) will be hardcoded into the node program. This version will support integral CR functions such as proposal creation, voting for CR Council, impeachment, and others. It is anticipated that inaugural CR Council elections will conclude 4 weeks after the release of this version. The exact date and time will be subject to the node program upgrade announcement.

Step 3: ELA Wallet v1.4.3 will be released in mid- or late May 2020 which will support CRC. This version will support integral CR functions such as proposal creation, CR Council elections, impeachment, public referendum, and others.

When the Elastos blockchain reaches the block height specified by CRC code, inaugural CR Council elections will conclude and the first round of 12 incoming CR Council members will be officially secured. Herein, CR Council members will perform their duties as outlined in the CR Whitepaper.

After CRC goes live, Elastos will become a fully decentralized ecosystem, having fully implemented a system of autonomous community governance. CR Council members, as the foremost decision makers in the Elastos community, will represent and work alongside their peers in the Elastos community to build out the Elastos Smartweb.

While the world stands at a challenging stage, we remain as committed as ever to fulfilling our mission to develop and improve the infrastructure of an autonomous ecosystem. At this time, we remain patient and determined, and wish our entire global community a safe and healthy year ahead.

Elastos Foundation
March 2020


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