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Team Updates|2 MIN. READ

Cyber Republic Interim Council Update


As many in our community are aware, Nicola Zimmerman has been absent from his post on the Cyber Republic Interim Council for an extended period of time. With due consideration, the Elastos Foundation has decided to replace Mr. Zimmerman’s position. Mr. Zimmerman’s presence in and contributions to the Cyber Republic Interim Council served as a significant milestone in the development and geographic decentralization of the CR community and its leadership. The Elastos Foundation thanks Mr. Zimmerman for his contribution to Cyber Republic in its developmental stage and hopes that he will continue to play a role in the community.

At this stage, as Elastos’ core infrastructure is being developed and rolled out on schedule, and Cyber Republic is advancing towards a full launch, it is of the utmost importance to identify the proper candidate to join the Interim Council. Over the last month, the Elastos Foundation nominated and profiled a number of distinguished individuals in the digital asset space, in search of the right person. We are now happy to announce that we have selected Alex Shipp of the United States to represent Elastos’ western community on the Cyber Republic Interim Council. Alex Shipp has been contributing to Elastos as a writer and editor for more than a year, and he will now join Feng Zhang and Yipeng Su, Cyber Republic’s current Interim Council Members.

Mr. Shipp said of his new role, “It is an honor to join the Cyber Republic Interim Council and to take on all of the responsibility it entails. My belief is that the propagation of the Elastos community and the adoption of its technology are processes which imply and require one another, and which must be propelled hand-in-hand. As a member of the Cyber Republic Interim Council, I look forward to engaging the community, providing feedback to Suggestions, and deliberating with the Proposal Team to advance this project in the direction of its potential. I also have plans to produce a proposal for the management of the Official CR Blog and to begin a professional communications platform for CR and CRC related content. Anyone that is interested in joining a new PR Team for Cyber Republic should contact me at alexshippCRC@gmail.com.

At the heart of any successful collective venture is conscious action, and I invite any and all to share their perspectives. We have an exciting year ahead.”

The Elastos Foundation welcomes Mr. Shipp and looks forward to his contributions in Cyber Republic.


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