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DPoS Phase 4 Complete: Elastos Blockchain Updated for Full DPoS Consensus


The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce that Phase 4 of our six-phase DPoS implementation module is now complete. The Elastos blockchain has been updated with the latest code to support a fully integrated DPoS consensus. In order to adopt the most recent infrastructural upgrade, miners should update their ELA client at the earliest convenience.

The detailed DPoS implementation scheme will unfold as follows:

Beginning at block height 402,680 (expected to be mid-day, June 17th, UTC), main net nodes will open for DPoS. The first round of elected Supernodes will be generated at block height 402,320, and will automatically connect to the DPoS P2P network. The Supernodes will then complete DPoS consensus on the first round of blocks. Please be aware that all participant nodes must complete their node setup and public key update before block height 402,320.

The first round of DPoS will span from block height 402,680 through 402,715, and the first round of DPoS reward distribution will occur at block height 402,716. For the second round of DPoS, blocks will span from block height 402,716 through 402,751, corresponding DPoS rewards will be distributed at block height 402,752, and so on. Using each round’s final block as a snapshot, elected Supernodes will be dynamically adjusted based on new election results. The newly elected supernodes will then connect with the DPoS P2P network and perform DPoS consensus on the next round of blocks.

In updating the Elastos blockchain, we lay the foundation for the final stages of our DPOS consensus. In the coming weeks, we will conclude the inaugural round of Supernode elections. From there, the 24 community-elected Supernodes will join the 12 Cyber Republic Council Supernodes, and they will together begin validating blocks in a fully operational DPoS consensus. Starting when DPoS consensus goes live, votes will be recounted every 36 blocks—or approximately every 72 minutes. Thus, Phase 5 and Phase 6 will be completed in sequence and without delay.

Elastos’ complete DPoS consensus will begin operating at block 402,680, which is expected to occur mid-day on June 17th (UTC). With DPoS fully live and merge-mining continuing to accumulate substantial hashpower from Bitcoin mining pools, Elastos will reach a new stage as a fully autonomous decentralized blockchain.

On Wednesday, June 5, 11:00am EST, DevStudio Team Lead Kiran Pachhai will be hosting Elastos’ Second Developer Workshop: How to Set Up a Supernode. The Workshop will teach users how to set up and run a Supernode on the Elastos blockchain. The Second Developer Workshop will be presented on livestream [HERE].

In the meantime, for basic instructions regarding the Supernode setup process, refer to the Cyber Republic GitHub page [HERE].

While providing relevant resources, Elastos Foundation is not responsible for the Supernode setup process for external parties. Elastos Foundation only serves to provide basic documentation and instructions, and actual configurations may vary depending on the environment specific to each Supernode and its owner(s).

Please continue to keep up to date as we complete our DPoS consensus process and become fully decentralized by following our blog here at elastos.org.

Disclaimer: “All elected Supernodes are expected to abide by the rules and standards outlined in the Elastos DPoS Supernode Election Process. As Elastos is a decentralized and distributed network system, and DPoS Supernodes are selected through an election via the network’s official wallet, the Elastos Wallet, the Elastos Foundation is not responsible for the actions taken or views expressed by any elected Supernodes (operators or owners), nor is it responsible for setting up nodes, arranging mining pools, guaranteeing uninterrupted services, or compensating party losses that may arise throughout the staking process.”


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