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ELA Node v.0.5.0 and CRC Supernode Announcement


The Elastos Blockchain (Gelaxy) Team is pleased to announce that the ELA v0.5.0 node program has been released.

This version contains the following new features:

1. Support for creating proposals and CR functions such as voting and impeachment of elected CR Council members. The effective block height is scheduled for block 658930 and is expected to occur at 2AM UTC on June 10, 2020.
2. Optimized transaction and block processing performance.

Release Note:

This is an important upgrade and in order to meet the needs of on-chain business development and block processing performance, it is recommended that the node configuration meet the following requirements:

1. CPU: 4 cores
2. Memory: 8G
3. Hard disk: 100G

Currently, the 12 CRC Supernodes in DPoS are managed by the Elastos Blockchain (Gelaxy) Team. However, according to the CRC white paper, the 12 CRC Supernodes should be operated by CR Council members. To ensure a smooth transition to a fully functional CRC, the 12 CRC Supernodes will continue to be maintained by the Gelaxy Team until the end of August 2020. After this brief period, CR council member will maintain their own nodes as they see fit. 

Elastos Blockchain (Gelaxy) Team
May 27, 2020


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