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Weekly Updates|3 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 01 July 2022


The Core Development Teams have compiled a list of updates from the last two weeks.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released v2.5.8 Android/iOS version to fix several known issues.
– Improved the Bluetooth connection adaptation and automatic scanning with the Ledger hardware to improve the stability of the connection with the Ledger. Ledger hardware is the most popular hardware encryption device. The combination of Essentials and Ledger hardware enables users to obtain hardware-level data security protection while using Essentials to enrich dApps and other functions. It is the most secure and efficient client solution.
– Optimized the implementation of balance update, the balance update is more timely after opening the wallet
– Added ELA on Ethereum/erc-20 token by default
– Supported activating Essentials and opening specified dApps via links in standard browsers
– Improved the implementation of Connectivity SDK
– Improved WalletConnect session recovery implementation after Essentials restart
– Fixed deep linking not working properly on some Android 12 devices
– Completed the modification as recommended by the security audit and conduct integration test verification
– Improved keyboard handling of in-app browser related input
– Switched CR functionality dependent APIs from CR website to node RPC APIs
– Fixed an issue where recent apps could not be displayed properly under certain conditions
– Fixed the issue that identity dapp cannot call Camera to take avatar on some Android(v11/SDK30) devices
– According to new application development requirements, added some Features for Application DID in developer tools
– Fixed the bugs related to the multi-signature function of the ELA main chain found in the test
– Tested service accessibility under various network conditions and refine UI handling
– Revised multilingual translations and supplemented multilingual translations for new pages

– Hive Node solved the problem that the File Service module will make an error when calling the List interface when the file upload is not called in advance
– Hive Node SDK Scripting module script supported count type
– Hive Node optimized the calculation logic for file/database space usage
– Solved the problem of Hive Node missing time offset fault tolerance settings
– Hive Node improved the authorization verification process for logging in to Hive and accessing data using DID (App DID and User DID)
– Scripting in Java/JS SDK supported count type to meet the needs of front-end applications
– Improved payment service module in Hive Node/JS SDK to support returning Order status
– The Java/JS SDK improved the access token acquisition process and changed the expiration time to one week
– JS SDK integrated and validated the new platform fee function of Hive Payment
– JS SDK improved test cases and demo demos, and added a sample of one-click payment to upgrade Vault space
– Continued HiveHub webApp application development

– Improved the processing of data such as key/value
– Improved internal Security DHT implementation
– Implemented DHT SuperNode

– Unified the processing rules for null and empty values in DID objects in DID SDKs of various languages to ensure compatibility

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