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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 02 July 2021


The last two weeks included the Elastos ID Sidechain going live on Mainnet, ushering in the era of DID 2.0, and several important updates from the core development teams.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Improved the streamlined on-boarding process of the app where it creates a DID and uses the assist service to publish the DID by default to ensure the smoothness of the user process.
– Added a dynamic reminder of the backup mnemonic phrase. Adjusted to a dynamic reminder during use when it is used for the first time.
– Completed the UI integration of the new Home Screen which is now more concise. At the same time, dark mode is used as the default theme.
– Wallet now supports quick transfers between multiple imported wallets, improved the implementation of ERC Token registration, added support for ERC721 Token, and added local data cache. The realization of these new functions makes the Wallet function of Essentials have a better user experience.
– The development of CR and DPoS functions has been completed, and the UI is being implemented.
– To cooperate with the release of the EID sidechain, upgraded the DID Plugin to the 2.0 pre-release version.

– Released the Java/Swift/Native/JavaScript SDK v2.0 pre-release version, which supports EID sidechain. Developers can quickly improve the migration to the EID sidechain by using the latest version of the SDK, and add complete DID capabilities to dApps.

– Continued to optimize the implementation of Hive SDK and Hive Node to meet the requirements of upper-level applications to integrate Hive storage capabilities
– Updated the Java/Swift SDK to use the new DID SDK 2.0 pre-release version, completed the docking with the EID Sidechain, and released the pre-release version
– Hive Node is upgraded to use the new version of DID Native SDK 2.0, completed the integration with EID Sidechain, and implemented the Backup module based on the Restful API interface specification
– Updated the Backup/Scripting module in the Java SDK and performed other internal optimizations such as exception handling
– Updated logback module in Java SDK

– Discussed DPoS consensus optimization plan and transition plan. The current plan is still in the discussion stage, and it is planned to further improve the security and stability of the main network by optimizing the DPoS consensus.
– Optimized and tested the memory usage of nodes. Through optimization, the memory usage of the ELA node will be reduced, and the node’s demand for system hardware will be reduced.
– Completed the development and test of the node quick start function. This function can significantly improve the startup speed of ELA nodes.

DID Side Chain
– Released the v0.1.0 version of the EID node and launched the mainnet. The main features of DID 2.0 will be released in subsequent versions. As one of the most powerful and promising core technologies in the Elastos technology stack, DID 2.0 aims to provide services for users and enterprise-level use case scenarios, with the cardinal aim of achieving adoption at scale. In addition to bringing forward a breadth of new features, DID 2.0’s initial launch on the brand new Elastos ID Sidechain (EID) will draw on a new consensus mechanism to provide vastly improved performance

Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC)
– Built the basic framework of L2 and started the development of related modules.
– Discussed the logic of weth and develop the cross-chain contract related to weth.

Elastos Wallet
– Added an interface for obtaining CR and DPoS pledge addresses in the Wallet SDK.
– Improved the documentation of the wallet SDI interface, and added examples in the command line mode.

Recent Announcements

The Elastos ID Sidechain is live on Mainnet, ushering in the era of DID 2.0. With so many new features for decentralized IDs, including lightning fast creation, support for customizable and multi-party IDs, and more, Web3 is here.


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