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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 03 July 2020


ELA Wallet was upgraded for iOS and Android, Feng Han attended several events speaking about Elastos, and Tuum Technologies held a webinar on how to add decentralized ID login to any app.

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Updated DID plugin to the latest DID SDK
– Added a set of JWT parsing and verification methods on DID plugin
– Changed DID resolve process to background thread to complete on DID plugin
– Fixed the detail problem of screen adaptation for small screen iOS devices
– Fine-tuned and improved UI/UX for iOS devices
– Pre-release integration testing and verification for iOS v1.2.1
– Submitted iOS v1.2.1 release application, pending App Store review
– Fixed bugs in the iOS version issue list
– Supported avatar, and Launcher display avatar of current DID on DID dApp
– Included the contact’s Carrier Address when sharing the contact on Contact dApp
– The new version of the app now prompts the user with a message reminder
– Fixed bugs in the issue list reported by testflight
– Improved UI/UX of Password Manager
– Pre-research on the desktop version for Proof of Concept(PoC)

– Updated Swift SDK and removed txid dependency
– Provided import and export APIs for DID and Store on Native SDK
– Supported subkey derivation from DID on Native/Swift SDK
– Fixed some bugs found in testing on Native/Swift/Java SDK

– Optimized the function of Hive SDK to upload/download files to Hive++ service node
– Implemented Key/Value access function of Hive SDK / Hive++ Node
– Completed Python C-binding implementation using cffi based on DID Native SDK
– Based on DID Python binding, implemented Hive++ Node DID identity verification
– New File interface is used to support obtaining basic file information (such as file content Size, etc.)
– Improved the data backup mechanism between Hive++ data files and back-end cloud storage services
– Tested and verified Hive SDK / Hive++ Node upload/download file function
– Staging review and started product stage

– Released Carrier Native/Android/Swift SDK v0.5.6.1 version
– Supported Carrier Native SDK without external configuration of express nodes; this means that offline message sending mechanism is not needed, but message sending will remain normal when online
– Supported generating carrier node ID based on external input secret key on Carrier Swift SDK
– Solved the problem that the Carrier Native SDK sent messages overtime crash when online
– Upgraded Carrier Native SDK dependent library libressl to new stable version v2.9.2
– Analyzed and located the synchronization problem of the Carrier Native SDK test case running randomly out of order
– The community development team released new internal test version of Feeds dApp
– The community development team improved the implementation and design of the Feeds Service and Feeds dApp based on the test results
– The community development team improved the internal log output of the Feeds Service, which is convenient for front-end runtime debugging
– The community development team implemented the “dislike” of Feeds Service and the RPC service interface of “getAllLikes” for front-end dApp to cancel likes and get a list of likes
– The community development team fixed interface/function issues found in Feeds dApp testing
– Solved the bug of the CarrierExtension class of the extension module in the Carrier Swift SDK, supported WebRTC iOS can exchange SDP information normally based on the Carrier message
– Continued to implement and debug the iOS SDK version based on the Carrier Swift SDK on WebRTC

– Released v0.5.1 version
– Completed the development of the CR member and DPoS node state binding module
– Developed SPV module to sense CR and DPoS status
– Added unit test for proposal replacement and other proposals

ETH Side Chain
– Added 5 seconds tolerance period on DPoS consensus
– DPoS added consensus state reset recover process
– DPoS block generation time is set to 5 seconds, does not inherit POA block generation time, set block generation time on the block header, and verify the block header
– Adjusted verification logic of confirm information
– Discussed the timing of consensus opening
– Tested whether the consensus status of DPoS nodes can be automatically restored
– Test direct connection network for automatic direct connection and automatic generation of block

DID Side Chain
– Added block difficulty value verification to verify whether the difficulty value is consistent with the current block difficulty value of the main chain

Elastos Wallet
– Optimized Proposal process flow
– Completed the function of resynchronizing data
– Tested the synchronization function of ETH sidechain, the account balance can be gotten normally
– Added seed and ethscPubKey fields in keystore to support ETH sidechain wallet
– When opening ethsc for the first time, if ethscPubKey is empty, a password is required
– The command line wallet made specific modifications to support ethsc in terms of accuracy, etc.
– Solved the bug of transfer transaction failure caused by inconsistent chainID and insufficient Gas
– Continued to investigate the reason for the failure of the HeaderProofs message verification of the transaction block.

ELA Node Upgrade: Version 0.5.1

This version optimized the logic for cleaning up the transaction pool and it is recommended that mining pools and supernodes complete the upgrade as soon as possible.

GitHub Release Note: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.ELA/blob/master/docs/release-notes/release-notes-0.5.1.md

Community News

ELA Wallet iOS and Android Version 1.4.4 Update Announcement

This version of ELA Wallet for contains the following upgrades:
1. Optimized Proposal process flow;
2. Added CR Council member impeachment function;
3. Added data reset function, which can re-synchronize data without uninstalling a given wallet;
4. Added log compression function (iOS)
5. Performed general bug fixes.

-CR Council members should use the wallet corresponding to their election DID in order to perform their duties;
-The QR codes provided on the CR website can be scanned using the scanning function on the upper right hand of the wallet homepage;
-As always, before upgrading to the newest version of ELA Wallet, please make sure to back up your wallet private keys.

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ela-wallet/id1453348077

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.android

Elastos Blockchain Team
July 1, 2020

Feng Han made several speeches as the first rotating curator of the China Fund Museum. Starting with the theory of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Mr. Han discussed the evolution of human civilization and how it depends on free market transactions. Mr. Han sees large-scale international transactions needing a revolution of human cognition to foster a global wealth consensus. He also briefly described the history of human wealth consensus itself, from trading shells to the current status of encrypted data assets powered by blockchain.

Video(Chinese): http://v.qq.com/vplus/f599e3c9bd628ca3a25e9827b38c171e?page=cover

June 21 

Feng Han attended a round-table discussion on the topic of “The Past Decade for Blockchain” at the Shenzhen Blockchain Week conference hosted by Golden Finance. Mr. Han remarked, “Any new blockchain infrastructure that cannot protect the privacy and security of personal data and ownership is not in the spirit of the true purpose of the technology.”

June 23 

Feng Han was invited by Shenzhen Yiyatong,  a listed company in China, to explore synergies with Elastos.

June 25

Tuum Tech hosted a webinar on, ‘How to Add Decentralized ID Login to any App.’


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