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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 04 January 2020

“It's 1993 once again. The only difference this time around is that it’s an internet of code instead of an internet of data.”
- Rong Chen January 3, 2020

On January 3rd 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block of Bitcoin and the network was born. Eleven years later, on January 3rd 2020, Elastos released the first version of elastOS, and a different kind of network was born. 

With this week’s launch of elastOS, people all over the world can download an app onto their phones and begin taking part in a new kind of internet: one where data is censorship-resistant. You own it, you control it, and you can protect it.

Just like in 1993, elastOS v1 is just the beginning. Developers all over the world can now create dApps to run inside of elastOS, and educate users as to the problem these technologies are resolving with their adoption.

It has been a great start to the new decade.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

-Improved Launcher interface and applied new icon set and interface design
-Completed the development of DPoS Voting dApp and dApp Store, continued to develop and improve DID dApp, and started the development of DID-based Friends dApp
-Cooperated with ID Sidechain upgrade and Java SDK development and upgraded DID Plugin simultaneously
-Upgraded SPV SDK to the latest version
-Supplemented and improved Trinity development documentation
-Upgraded Trinity-cli to use the latest DID Native SDK for dApp signing and verification

-Improved the interface of the latest version of Hive Java SDK
-Trinity Hive Plugin for Android platform migrated to TypeScript

-Continued to develop feeds background services, defined and encoded database table relationships and module code
-Continued to improve the initial UI / UX of Trinity-based dApp Feeds applications
-Began porting Google WebRTC Android platform implementation based on Carrier message channel

-Supported developers to expand mnemonic language library
-Multi-instance DID Store
-Synchronized ID Sidechain modification, supported new resolve method
-Java SDK updated DID and deactivated related function development
-Simultaneous Swift and Native SDK development

Main Chain
-Blockchain browser upgrade, support for new transaction types such as CR election
-Optimized the performance of block and transaction data processing
-Optimized data rollback logic using history mode
-CR Proposal Transaction has added Member Proposal Opinion
-Added API interface for querying CRC Secretary General

DID Sidechain
-Completion of development work in compliance with W3C DID specifications and verifiable declaration specifications
-Added RPC interface resolvedid

Elastos Wallet
-Added invalid node filtering function
-Completed the development of Android platform v1.4.0

ELA Wallet Android version v1.4.0 Upgrade

ELA Wallet is a secure and convenient Elastos SPV light node client wallet that supports the Elastos ecosystem’s digital assets. With ELA Wallet, you can store, send, and receive ELA through your own encrypted private key in a completely decentralized environment. Now, you can participate in the CR Council election within the wallet. The newest version contains the following upgrades:

1. Fixed all known issues
2. Added CR council election function
3. Optimized DID Sidechain synchronization.


Before upgrading to the new version, please back up your wallet.
The election of CR Council will be based on the participants’ DID. Please confirm that the DID Sidechain is turned on before the election.

Download link:

DX Team Update

• elastOS Academy application phase 1 features complete
• Nucleus phase 1 services implemented in the console
• Nucleus deployed to AWS beanstalk with load balancing, https, email service
• GMU: Elastos Smartweb Service testing started
• Completed v1.0.0 elastOS UI/UX design and branding assets
• Gitella kickoff with architecture team leads
• Discussed Hive layer 2 development
• Bi-weekly developer email sent highlighting the year in review and building on Elastos
• Added a designer to the Nucleus project

Cyber Republic

The Inaugural round of Cyber Republic Council Elections has commenced. Read the full announcement to learn how to get involved in the formation of Elastos’ community governance: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/12/20/cyber-republic-council-elections-commence/

Read the rules of the CR Council Elections here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/12/27/cr-council-election-rules/

Community News

– elastOS v1 is officially available to download for Android devices. With this product launch, Elastos becomes the first blockchain project to deliver a fully integrated runtime ecosystem that creates a single place for managing tokens, creating and managing W3C-compliant decentralized identities, running Ethereum based smart contracts and transporting network data in a decentralized way, all in one native application designed for dApps.

Full Announcement: news.elastos.org/elastos-the-gateway-to-the-smartweb-released-for-android-devices/

Download it for free on the Google Play app store: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.trinity.runtime

Twitter post: https://twitter.com/Elastos_org/status/1213127158039752704?s=20

– The Elastos DID Sidechain and Java SDK are now W3C compliant. Read about this important upgrade and release here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-did-sidechain-upgrade-and-java-sdk-release/

– We’ve noticed an increase in fraudulent communications claiming to be the Elastos Foundation offering airdrops and giveaways. Please be aware – these are fraudulent and are not official accounts.

Useful links:

Elastos Academy

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

Developer Portal in Cyber Republic

Developer Documentation on Github

Elastos Community

Cyber Republic Forums


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