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Weekly Updates|4 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 04 November 2022


Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released Android/iOS 2.6.4, fixed several minor bugs
– Continued to optimize the startup speed of Essentials
– Optimized the presentation of information in the summary view of Wallet assets
– New built-in swap feature completed with the integration of Chainge services
– Improved the UI/UX of the wap feature and added new features
– Fixed the problem of out-of-sync BTC network transaction data
– Improved Ledger’s support for BTC network and fixed some compatibility issues
– Fixed some UI details / display issues in the wallet app
– Updated SDK and integrated ela domain service
– Fixed the problem that some pages in the Identity dApp were not jumping smoothly
– Improved the display of the detailed information of credentials in Identity dApp
– Adjusted and optimized the display of notifications
– Added support for Feeds SDK into the news widget
– Improved development mode support for Testnet
– Added a new version check on the About page, added a new version prompt, and updated the update link for the corresponding distribution channel
– Development of DPoS 2.0 related features

– Optimized the size of the JS SDK’s release package and improved the loading speed of the JS SDK in the application
– The JS SDK supports the use of IndexDB to persist data, so that it can be loaded and run in web workers
– Simplified the interface AppContextProvider.getAppInstanceDocument() in the JS SDK and changed it to return the DID Document object synchronously
– Optimized the HiveHub webApp to improve the stability of vault migration and backup functions
– Conducted HiveHub webApp tests to fixed issues found

– Performed functional verification for Java Super Node on the testnet and fixed related issues
– Conducted the interaction and compatibility tests between the Native Node and Super Node, and fixed related issues
– Added SDK interface abstraction for service development on Java Super Node
– Java Super Node added service registration and runtime management mechanism
– Improved the screening strategy of Java Super Node for candidate nodes of DHT lookup
– Developed DHT Proxy service

– DID JS SDK supported persistent data using IndexDB in the browser version

– Carried out the development of Schnorr multi-signature support to update DPoS nodes, added a new payload data structure to optimize the client operation process, and started the test of related functions
– Continued DPoS 2.0 consensus testing and fixed issues found in testing. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the Elastos mainchain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the Elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Added a rebroadcast mechanism for the transactions remaining in the transaction pool to improve transaction processing efficiency
– Completed the development of the parameter configuration module and conducted functional testing
– Carried out the scheme design of minting the ELA pledged on the mainchain as an asset on the ESC sidechain. This function can improve the utilization rate of pledged ELA in the DPoS 2.0 consensus, increase the assets on the ESC chain, and enrich the diversity of the Elastos asset applications

ESC Side Chain
– Completed the development of the ELink contract’s upgradeable modules, and supported modifying the parameter by updating the contract. ELink is a decentralized oracle network that allows other smart contracts to securely access data such as identities and credentials on the EID side chain, opening up the data link between DID identity data and dApp applications, and meeting the needs of dApps to obtain DID and credential information.
– Continued to adjust the parameters for the ELink stress test.

EID Side Chain
– Improved EID node data storage logic and improved node stability

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