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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 05 July 2019


With both ETH and NEO sidechains now on the Elastos Testnet, the core development teams are hard at work preparing for the next phase of our project development roadmap. Once these two sidechains hit the Main Net, developers can start to write new smart contracts and deploy them to Elastos or port in existing smart contracts from the ETH and NEO public blockchains. With either option, the possibilities are endless as these smart contracts will give developers all of the features of the other public blockchain platforms without having to step outside of the secure, flexible, and scaleable Elastos ecosystem.

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– DID signature verification is now supported when installing dApp on Android/iOS;
– Improved details of the new Launcher UI and UI resource optimization to support different screen sizes and resolutions;
– Continued to improve Runtime’s support for Ionic4 framework;
– Completed the new Ionic4 based Launcher and completed a round of testing; the functions have been completed, and there are some minor problems with the refresh of individual pages;
– Tested ToolChain and prepared to submit to Continuous Integration;

– Continued to address some of the interface semantic consistency issues of different storage backends found in development and validation;
– File Read/Write interfaces of different backends completed by locally caching files;
– Since the UniRest package that the Java SDK relies on does not support the Android platform, it is replaced with the OKHttp/Retrofit method using the Http Client function. At present, the OneDrive backend implementation has been replaced, ready to dock the IPFS backend;
– Making full use of CompletableFuture mode features to optimize the processing of IPFS parts;
– Optimized Hive Native SDK docking IPFS part implementation, and adapting to Linux / Mac / Windows platforms;
– Started a command line demo application based on Hive Native SDK for simple remote file browsing;
– Optimized Hive Swift SDK docking for OneDrive and IPFS files Read/Write implementation;

– The Java SDK now supports the DID-related parsing process and also started implementing the local DID Store;
– Native SDK development;

– Resolved API tests test case synchronization mechanism flaws to merge into the master branch;
– Improved test cases for Carrier API tests based on current community feedback;
– Added test cases for offline messages to verify the sending and receiving of a single offline message and to verify that the content is consistent;
– Located and resolved issues with the file transfer module transfer file in the Carrier Swift SDK;
– Support for generating JSON format documentation for Carrier Native SDK APIs for Elastos Developer Website;

ELA Mainnet
– Analyzed and corrected the problem that some arbitrator nodes become inactive;
– CR committee election, proposal function analysis, started development;

– DPoS revenue records are managed separately and have been completed;
– Increased access to all UTXO interfaces for use with change, increased change and the corresponding JNI interface;
– Added the ability to create and import read-only wallets and fixed bugs that were discovered through community feedback where sending transactions would crash the wallet app
– Added relevant log to all the interfaces, and output to the file. The UI has added the function of exporting log files for subsequent analysis;
– Fixed issue where single-address wallet could not cost Super Node revenue address;
– Started developing the node election UI interface (election home page, election list, voting page);
– Added “update log” on our page, “question feedback” function, and app version number, spvsdk version number display

– Eliminated duplicate transactions when synchronizing transactions, adding new active transaction types when synchronizing;
– Confirmed the impact of the package transaction confirmation number code, the wallet should also be modified;
– Problems with transaction calculations due to the addition of pledge transactions

Node monitor
– Fixed BUG with incorrect revenue judgment

– Analyzed and handled fork problems
– Determined the treatment plan for Ethereum’s insufficient handling fee and started development plan;
– Set task timing to compress Ethereum Logs and to clear expired logs;
– Modified cross-chain transfer fee calculation;
– Ethereum side chain to raise coins, recharge, contract deployment, oracle interface stress test;
– Ethereum side chain erc20, erc721, crowdfunding contract, conference contract test;
– Added a client interface to call cross-chain recharge;
– Added cross-chain transfer without broadcasting trading function;
– Modify SPV’s print output to log output
– Added SPV database cache and error recovery;
– Modified Oracle code arbiter to call cross-chain transfer to sense SPV call;
– Modified user installation instructions;

– NEO sidechains are posted to the test network and tested for cross-chain transfers and contract transactions;
– Improved testing of NEO in the test framework;

Cyber Republic

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/06/03/weekly-report-june-3-2019/

Check out Part 2 of Elastos In A Nutshell: Carrier Network: https://news.cyberrepublic.org/elastos-in-a-nutshell-carrier-network-part-2/ 

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

June 22

Feng Han shared his personal journey at the Elastos bookclub on the Chinese platform Qianliao. He spoke about his past from High School Affiliate to Renmin University and then to Tsinghua University.

June 26

Clarence Liu, Elastos VP of Development, gave a speech and participated in a panel at The REAL Blockchain Summit, hosted by NovaOne at the UCI in Irvine, CA.

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