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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 06 May 2022


Essentials has updated to support the CR Council Elections, the Core Teams delivered an AMA, and much more in this edition of the EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released v2.5.4 which supports CR Council Elections and includes several security updates. Essentials already supports important functions such as CR Council Election and is the primary client for the upcoming CR Council Election; Security updates have improved the security of Essentials, making it more secure and reliable for users to manage personal data with Essentials.
– The Ledger hardware is used to manage the ERC20 token. The combination of Essentials and Ledger hardware enables users to obtain hardware-level data security protection while using Essentials rich dApp and other features, making it the most secure and efficient client solution.
– Optimized NFT display processing due to network problems
– Fixed an issue where Avax network could not obtain transaction records
– Updated Core SDK to fix issues with outputs address parsing errors
– Fixed ERC20 transaction records not displaying properly
– Fixed an error in displaying app lists on some iOS devices
– Improved compatibility with iPad Mini devices
– Fixed a UI freeze issue when activating biometrics on some Android devices
– Fixed device adaptation issues with mnemonic soft keyboards
– Deployed trinity-tech.io assist API service as default for Essentials to improve the stability of the Assist API.

– Released Hive Node v2.6, optimized the configuration file and some internal implementations.
– Upgraded the flask framework version and dependent libraries that Hive nodes rely on
– Optimized and cleared unnecessary or obsolete Hive Node implementation code
– Modified the Java SDK implementation based on the new Hive Node
– Javascript SDK Completed the modification based on the Java SDK interface
– Javascript SDK has implemented file uploading and supported anonymous sharing by CID
– Javascript SDK has solved the problem of downloading through bare urls, as well as some other compilation issues
– Hive nodes supports file uploading and anonymous sharing using IPFS Gateway
– Updated the Hive JS SDK document

– Improved DIDStore API integrity checks for DIDURL parameters
– Native SDK has added clock error support for JWT token authentication

– Performed protocol verification for Carrier 2 Navite SDK. Carrier 2 protocol verification is an important step in the development of Carrier 2. Through verification, the shortcomings of the protocol design can be effectively discovered, the robustness of the protocol can be improved, and a solid foundation for subsequent multi-language SDK development can be laid.
– Continued the development of Carrier 2 Java SuperNode.

– Released v0.8.3, which optimizes the sidechain consensus scheme during the CR general election to improve the stability of the main and sidechain consensus during the CR general election.
– Continued the testing of DPoS 2.0’s node pledge, cross-chain transfer and other functions, and fixed the problems found in the test.
– Database storage, error code and other module reconstruction, and self-test.
– Conducted research on Lightning Network routing algorithm, multi-account, etc.

EID Side Chain
– Developed the NFC normalization function of DID documents. DID documents support NFC normalization, which can better maintain the integrity and consistency of document content in multilingual situations, which is beneficial to the application of DID in multilingual environments.

ESC Side Chain
– Modified the method for Layer2 contracts to update the Arbiter list. Through Layer 2 contracts, dApps can use the arbiter nodes in the Arbiter list as decentralized verification nodes to implement the decentralization of dApp control nodes, reduce the risk of single-point attacks by hackers, and improve the security of dApps.
– Conducted ELink technical research, built a development environment and deployed and verify demos.

Community Update

You had questions, and the Elastos Core Development Teams had answers. Check out the Elastos official Reddit thread, and read up on the latest in Elastos tech, from Carrier v2 to Hive, DPos 2.0 and more.



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