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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 06 November 2020


Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– Released elastOS Essentials for iOS
– Released elastOS Android v1.3.0
– Synchronously followed up the development progress of Hive SDK, improved Hive plugin, and provided support for Hyper IM
– Implemented a Hive-based backup synchronization mechanism
– Improved Trinity cli to support publishing dApp to Hive Vault
– Improved Wallet cross-device synchronization/recovery mechanism and implementation
– Improved the handling of transaction fees in wallet transfers where the wallet will automatically calculate and add to the transfer amount
– Fixed the issue of Wallet ERC token transfer
– Added video capture/editing plugin
– Improved import DID and synchronized UI/UX
– Added dApp debugging information to Sentry to facilitate user problem location and debugging
– Improved multilingual resources
– Improved the implementation of Runtime for iOS and Trinity Native
– Fixed elastOS Essentials iOS issues reported by the community

– Continued to discuss the DID v2.0 version specification definition and implementation plan
– Custom short name DID supported in DID Native SDK, and supplemented test case verification
– Solved the problem of compatibility between the metadata format in the new DID SDK and the original DID SDK
– Continued to develop Customized DID of DID Native SDK to support multiple Controllers
– Optimized the DID Swifft SDK, provided the Object-C language version of the interface set, and provided the corresponding Object-C interface document generation

– Released a new internal test version alpha-v2.0.2 on front-end Java SDK for third-party application development and verification
– Released an internal test version for Hive node and updated and deployed Hive Node service nodes for third-party application development and verification
– Discussed the backup/restore Vault scheme of the back-end Hive Node, including the lifecycle interface design of Vault, and planned the features that need to be implemented in the first step
– The front-end Java SDK Supported file upload/download on front-end Java SDK for scripting mode
– Improved the scripting call interface for uploading/downloading files in cross-application scenarios
– Provided an interface to support anonymous script requests on front-end Java SDK
– Solved anonymous script requests on Hive Node
– Optimized the interface of the front-end Hive Java SDK, solved unreasonable interface design problems, and carried out internal optimization and bug fixes
– Provided the first version of the Payment module implementation on back-end Hive node implementation and the corresponding RPC interface
– Based on the payment interface of the back-end Hive Node (under development) to implement the payment interface corresponding to the Hive Java SDK
– Solved the problem of cross-scripting access to Vault data in different applications on the back end of Hive Node
– Provided RPC API to get the Hive Node version number and the latest commit ID of the repo on Hive Node
– Ran integration test cases in the CI of the Hive Java SDK repo, that are used for verification standards for subsequent code updates
– Referred to the Java SDK interface to implement Hive Swift SDK synchronously

– Optimized the judgment criteria of the timeout benchmark. After the message is sent, the status of the Carrier node is changed to Friend Offline as the timeout benchmark
– Fixed the problem that Session/Stream callback is not triggered under certain conditions
– Fixed the abnormal reinitialization caused by the permission problem of the carrier data file
– Improved the apitests test cases in the Native SDK so that all test cases except offline messages can run normally

– Completed the design for the participation of unelected DPoS nodes in the DPoS consensus
– Developed functions related to DPoS consensus and benefits for un-elected DPoS nodes, and adjusted inactivate processing logic
– Added unit test for building mainchain and sidechain transaction for Arbiter node
– Developed original text uploading functions such as proposal tracking and proposal review
– Added the compatibility processing function of the original proposal on the chain transaction

DID Side Chain
– Completed the next stage of DID business requirements and implementation plan
– Added DIDParams data structure, removed DID related parameters from SideChain project
– Developed DID functions related to Key Rolling, including defining new transaction payload, data storage functions, transaction checking, signature verification, etc.
– Fixed the issue of VerifiableCredential signature verification failure caused by json sorting
– Fixed the issue of VerifiableCredential signature verification failure caused by some abbreviated data

ETH Side Chain
– Assisted the community development team to deal with the problem of transaction failure caused by inaccurate gas estimation
– Assisted the community development team to deal with contract deployment issues
– Synced with blockscout Ethereum sidechain browser architecture
– Synced with and debuged the test tool, and added RPC interface test for ETH sidechain

Elastos Wallet
– Released ELA Wallet iOS v1.4.6
– During the ETH synchronization process of SPVSDK, after receiving the resume message, it resends the message that did not receive a reply before receiving stop
– Changed HeaderProofs to HelperTrieProofs on SPV SDK
– Solved the problem of incorrect balance after GetProofs changed to V2 on SPV SDK

Community News

elastOS is officially available on iOS for the first time! With features like DID management, wallet functions, data storage via Hive, Ethereum support, and more, elastOS is available to more users than ever before. Read the announcement:


elastOS V1.3.0 for Android is live, bringing a brand new UX/UI design, the long-awaited Ethereum support, preliminary support for Hive 2.0, Trinity native and much more. Read the announcement and download today:


Useful links:


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