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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 07 May 2021


On the last two weeks, the Gelaxy Team released its plans for the upcoming modifications to the Elastos tokenomics as all of the core development teams make great strides.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Optimized the Essentials 2.0 application startup process to improve the response speed of the startup process
– Created design and text resources for Elastos Essentials 2.0 in Google Play
– Added Elastos Essentials 2.0 release notes
– Completed the first runnable Essentials 2.0 iOS version
– Improved the version release script according to the revisions and requirements of version 2.0
– Continued to improve Essentials’ development and build tools
– Completed the arrangement and unification of all internal and external intents of Essentials
– The wallet now supports the tokswap exchange function which is currently in experimental mode
– Customized Web3 provider to support internal ETH transactions
– Completed the integration of the WalletConnect standard, supporting the wallet request of the WalletConnect protocol
– Sorted out DPoS/CR related dApp codes and requirements, and started related development
– DID JavaScript for initial compatibility verification
– Cleaned up the external dependencies exposed by the Connectivity SDK
– Completed the iOS platform implementation of the Connectivity SDK
– Tested and verified the Web-side support of the Connectivity SDK
– Updated internal test application based on Essentials 2.0
– Tested and verified the closed Android/iOS version
– Sorted out and fixed the problems found in the test

– Reviewed and revised the definition of DID contract and resovler interface
– Updated the relevant internal implementation of the SDK according to the revision in Java SDK
– Organized and improved error handling, providing complete error paths and information in Native SDK
– Updated API documentation synchronously in Native SDK
– Updated Python binding to the latest version in Native SDK
– Completed local testing and verification in Swift SDK to adapt the Web3 library to dock with the new ID sidechain
– Provided support for the development of JavaScript SDK

– Fixed the issue of not being able to connect to the remotely deployed mongodb server in Hive Node
– Optimized the scripting mechanism and added a new interface UnregisterScript in Java SDK
– Implemented sample applications based on the Scripting interface in Java SDK
– Continued to improve the Swift SDK and added test cases, and released a new pre-release version
– Adjusted the implementation of auth/file/db API according to the review interface document in Hive Node
– Reviewed service/payment/backup related interface design
– Continued to organize and review the Hive API interface

– Determined Carrier version 2 structure design and preliminary implementation plan

– Performed related preparations for the upcoming release of v0.7.0
– Sorted out the related logic of node quick start, improved quick start related functions, and adjusted test cases for self-test
– Discussed the feasibility of adjusting the multi-signature rule to schnorr
– Reviewed CR renewal related code
– Added the transaction pool and on-chain re-check logic for CustomID related proposals
– Fixed the issue where the final confirmation of the proposal might not be synchronized in the transaction pool
– Fixed the issue of incorrect calculation of CR pledge deposit after data rollback caused by certain circumstances

DID Side Chain
– The parameter all of the new ID side chain ResolveDID is adjusted to be optional
– The parameter issuer of the new ID sidechain ResolveCredential is adjusted to be optional
– Built a new ID sidechain test environment
– ETH sidechain browser now displays cross-chain transactions

ETH Sidechain
– Researched the PoS mechanism of ETH 2.0
– Built a local Optimism test environment and studied the implementation logic of verifier in optimism
– Attempted to construct fraudulent verification transactions

Elastos Wallet
– Developed SDK core algorithm library and removed P2P module

Community News

Elastos has major updates coming that will remove inflation, cap the max token supply and further decentralize our DPoS consensus. Read about it here:


April 29

Elastos co-founder Feng Han participated promoted his new book, ” Wealth in the Quantum Era” in Shenzhen, China.

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