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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 08 April 2022


The Elastos Foundation released it’s bi-annual Financial Report and their lots of updates from the core development teams in this bi-weekly update.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released Essentials v2.5.2 with various improvements and bug fixes
– Completed the development of main functions after the refactoring of the core SDK
– Supported access to BTC network using Ledger hardware
– Integrated Essentials’ built-in mnemonic input keyboard to improve security by replacing the system keyboard
– Added active monitoring of malicious dApps and malicious addresses
– Improved the intent handling of third-party app requests and import credentials
– Updated the development tool chain of the MacOS platform, and supported automatic adaptation and select the appropriate iOS simulator to run the application
– Fixed ERC20 token price error on BSC
– Solved the display problem of NTFs on Essentials caused by Pinata IPFS gateway rate limit
– DPoS voting app has fixed the problem where the icons of some nodes were not displayed clearly under the light theme
– Updated DID SDK, fix an abnormal DID error, tested and released hotfix version v2.5.3 for iOS
– Identity App has fixed the bug of Import DID and the abnormal display of the page associated with Import DID
– Solved the problem that the browser input box is blocked by the input method on some Android phones
– Fixed several bugs in the Identity app reported by the community
– Fixed several bugs in the Red Packet app reported by the community

– Swift SDK has fixed Double type serialization bug
– Swift SDK now checks the validity of credentials when adding them to DID documents
– Swift SDK has unified serialization and formatting methods according to language conventions
– Added the method of creating App DIDs from RootIdentity, which is convenient for developers to manage the DIDs of the developed applications uniformly
– Java SDK has fixed a bug that time and date parsing error in concurrent situation
– DIDUtils has added management and export commands for App DIDs
– Fixed DIDUtils DID backend not initialized when identities are not created
– Added DIDUtils documentation

– Updated Java SDK documentation and released version 2.5.1
– Java SDK has now added a new test case for anonymously sharing files using scripting
– Referred to the update of Java SDK to update Swift SDK synchronously
– Javascript SDK has implemented payment module and test cases
– Javascript SDK has optimized database data interface implementation
– Configured travis verification for the Javascript SDK code repository to ensure the quality of repository submissions
– Hive Node new version 2.5.1 released
– Hive Node now supports sharing files based on IPFS CID via IPFS Gateway
– Hive Node has optimized configuration file content and naming, and maintained forward compatibility
– Hive Node has added an interface for getting node information, and other improvements and modifications
– Hive Node has improved the mechanism of using Verifiable Presentation to present node owner
– Updated Hive Node documentation
– Improved HiveHub website functions and UI/UX new design

– Cut Carrier Native and replaced the internal dependency library, and added test cases for testing
– Implemented data serialization and exchange format using CBOR/JSON protocol
– Designed Carrier SuperNode and discuss implementation
– Started the development of Carrier SuperNode

– Optimized the sidechain consensus mode during the CR general election period and fixed the problems found in the test
– Completed the function development of DPoS 2.0 voting using multi-signature accounts, and started self-testing
– Completed the development of the schnorr feature and merged the feature into the main development branch
– The main chain browser has added the function of displaying the original text of the proposal

EID Side Chain
– EID browser has completed support for new transaction types such as Customized DID, credential transaction, and fixed the problem that some transaction statuses were displayed incorrectly

ESC Side Chain
– Implemented the update of the Arbiter list event by listening to the ESC chain, obtain the corresponding arbiter list data, and update the data to layer1
– Added the features to update the list and ESC status to the arbiter contract
– Discussed the implementation of ESC chain-aware EID chain data

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added DPoS related interfaces of IMainchainSubWallet
– Completed DPoS2.0 related interface and payload development
– Completed the unit test of the newly added interface

Community News

The Elastos Foundation has released its bi-annual Financial Report covering July-December 2021.

Read it here:  https://news.elastos.org/elastos-financial-report-second-half-2021/


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