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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 08 May 2020


Elastos is sponsoring the New York Blockchain Week Virtual Hackathon and two challenges are currently live for developers to submit their entries by May 27.

Also, the Hive demo was released on the elastOS app, ELA Wallet was upgraded for both iOS and Android, and the DID Sidechain released a new version. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Improved the intent processing flow after the intent is abnormally closed by the requesting party on Runtime; also improved the robustness of the application and the user experience
– Strengthened API level authorization management to comply with the new authorization interaction design and process
– Adjusted the plug-in initialization process to meet the design process according to the new API authorization management
– A new Password Manager extension is added, which supports saving Trinity’s internal application password and user’s external password, and supports auto-fill
– Added Password Manager support in Identity/DID capsule
– Introduced new UI / UX design on Friends/Contacts capsule
– Preliminary completion of the UI / UX design of DID global session
– Fixed the bug of Launcher dApps management
– Improved the “developer tools” dApp, improved the application information display to add and delete applications, etc.
– Improved the API interface of dApp Store Server and added DID related operations
– Added credential theme support for complex JSON objects in DID plugin
– Updated Android DID plugin, provided built-in JWT function for DID SDK and released mechanism of new service
– Released Hive demo capsule to dApp Store
– In developer mode, application signature verification is turned off by default
– The robustness test of built-in dApps should work normally after denying all permissions
– Maintained all built-in capsules  and released new versions to the dApp Store
– Updated Trinity’s technical roadmap on the developer website

– JWT in Java SDK can directly add JSON objects and text data
– Added APIs in Java SDK for directly signing pre-calculated digests as required
– Provided a modification conflict handling mechanism during the synchronization of DIDStore and ID Sidechain in Native SDK
– Officially released and open sourced Native SDK

– Hive++ discussion about vaults implementation regarding structured data storage services
– Wrote API interface document of Hive Android SDK

– Optimized implementation code of large data block (1K ~ 5M) in Carrier Native SDK
– Verified that the Carrier Native SDK newly added support for sending / receiving large data blocks and merged into the master branch
– Verified that Carrier Native SDK is an extension module for WebRTC SDK and merged into the master branch
– Evaluated the optimized solution of Carrier offline message and offline friend request
– Solved the problem that after the Carrier application is abnormally killed, the newly generated / or newly added group cannot be persisted, and the newly added group is lost after the Carrier application is restarted
– Integration of newly added features and bug fixes to prepare for the release of the new v5.5.1 version
– Supported offline sending of large messages and merged into the master branch
– Assisted the community development team to complete the UI / UX design of the official version of Feeds dApp
– Assisted the community development team to integrate DID user identity in Feeds, and adjusted according to the newly defined message data type for front-end and back-end interaction

– Optimized some RPC interface return results
– Organized network synchronization process and tracked synchronization interruption
– Fixed the bug that the node could not be closed in some cases
– Fixed the bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
– Realized main chain routes function
– Started to realize the sending function of main chain encrypted address message
– Supported to set up DPoS account by adding start command
– Studied the scheme of dynamically switching consensus
– Designed DPoS sidechain route process

DID Side Chain
– Released v0.1.4 version

Elastos Wallet
– Released iOS v1.4.2 and Android v1.4.2.1
– Optimized the speed of transaction query in specific situations
– Fixed the problem of loading database failure at startup
– Fixed a thread-safety anomaly in IMasterWalletManager

Tuum Team Update

– Continued to monitor Ionic Framework landing page conversions and offered support to Getting Started Guide recipients
– Provided new design assets for developer.elastos.org update
– Sent bi-weekly newsletter highlighting technical update video, Academy v1.6.3 release, and list of ongoing dApp projects
– Released v1.6.3 of Academy with an increase of maximum level to 20, added the ability to change Guild leaders, new invite frenzy design, and new alerts
– Created initial design concepts for Feeds dApp with accompanied demo and branding images
– Initial design demo complete for Vouch dApp
– Continued development of Assist dApp
– Focused on one-to-one chat UI for Hyper dApp and implemented a more messages feature to scroll back and add previous messages, added user notifications, and fixed small UI issues.
– Minor updates to Identity design for elastOS
– Initial website design overview completed for elastos.net
– New project templates created to be added to tuum.tech to showcase ongoing projects

Cyber Republic

The CR ETH Task Force has joined the Ren Alliance with plans to create an ERC-20 renELA token that is secured by Ren’s reliable protocol and will launch Elastos into the growing Ethereum DeFi space. 

The Elastos Foundation has released a statement regarding the upcoming CRC election process: https://news.elastos.org/crc-schedule-update/

Community News

developer.elastos.org has been updated with a new UX and design as well as updated documentation and more. Developers can now easily find how to start building on Elastos, get resources like APIs and browse FAQs.

elastOS 1.1.1 for Android has been released (minor update).
Download here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.trinity.runtime

Main changes:
– New hive plugin version supporting IPFS put/get.
– API permission mechanism – clear prompts with descriptions and danger levels for features use.
– Password manager plugin and basic flow (Password manager application to come next).
– Contacts application UI/UX fully reworked.
– Bug fixes, including a fix for the existing import DID issue.

April 26

Elastos co-founder Feng Han was invited by Jubi to speak about the developments of Elastos.

Feng Han was invited by the China Financial Museum Group to serve as the first rotating curator of the China Fund Museum. Mr. Han appraised the development and function optimization of the China Fund Museum in recent years, and shared several key points including  how the new wealth consensus powered by blockchain and data privatization will make a positive contribution to humanity as we emerge from the current economic crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


May 06-20 – New York Blockchain Week Hackathon – Online 

Elastos is sponsoring the NY Blockchain Week Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin in collaboration with Ethereal Summit and CoinDesk. Calling all developers: The elastOS challenges for NY Blockchain Week Hackathon are now posted to Gitcoin. Interested in data privacy, DIDs, P2P apps, digital assets? Submit until May 27 and win prizes.
Challenge 1: https://gitcoin.co/issue/elastos/Elastos.Community/505/4300
Challenge 2: https://gitcoin.co/issue/elastos/Elastos.Community/506/4303

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