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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 08 November 2019


In this edition of Elastos’ biweekly report, Feng Han is on the move again, speaking at a number of events and gatherings from Columbia University to Vancouver. Also, Elastos was in attendance at San Francisco Blockchain Week, where Clarence Liu participated in a panel on scalability and Kiran Pachhai gave a presentation for building on the Modern Internet. What’s more, Rong Chen has just released a new article outlining his perspective on the true utility and value vested in public blockchains.

Read up, and see what’s ahead!

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Browser(Trinity)
– Completed the preliminary design of UI Flow for DID DApp
– The CLI tool supports creating a developer’s DID and signing a DApp package using the DID SDK
– Continued to develop Trinity DID plugin
– Updated Carrier Plugin, add Group and FileTransfer function interfaces
– Improved the wallet’s UI and fixed some bugs in the wallet
– Implemented payment intent
– Wrote the JS API documentation for Hive Plugin
– Organized and refined the documentation of Cordova’s original Plugin

– Updated the interface of the new version of Hive Native SDK
– The compilation of the new Hive Native SDK feature is completed, and started to debug and verify

– Released the v.5.4.2 version of the Android/Swift/Native Carrier SDK
– Normalized the carrier-based microservices solution
– The testing and CI integration of Persistent Group support
– Pre-research about public P2P network solution and technical solution discussions

– Improved the Native SDK code
– Continued the development of the Swift SDK
– Trinity command line now supports for DID
– JNI adaptation of SPV Adaptor, support for Java SDK

– Completion of CR member renewal related function development
– Error Code design
– Test framework now supports cloud deployment

ETH Sidechain
– Light node now does recognition of double signature
– Design sequence diagram of malicious mining

Elastos Wallet
– Completed development of CR proposal related functions

DX Team Update

• Content specialist added for continued updates of Elastos Academy
• Ongoing Elastos Academy page optimizations
• Developer interviews in progress for Academy companion app development
• Bi-weekly developer email sent highlighting Dev Portal, Elastos Use Cases video, and development opportunities
• Landing pages in progress for upcoming projects
• Attended and held developer workshop at San Francisco Blockchain Week
• First version of GMU phase 1 demo to be migrated on the website

Cyber Republic

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/10/29/biweekly-update-oct-28th/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

Rong Chen shares deep insight into the role and function of Blockchain: https://news.elastos.org/the-blockchain-ledger-is-not-a-true-account-book/

Read Rong Chen’s article explaining how “Elastos Smartweb is a Computer.”: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-smartweb-is-a-computer/

October 22

Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos, shared his thoughts on the Elastos-based data capitalization campaign at Columbia University.

October 23

Feng Han attended the Yicai Global Forum at the Harvard Club in New York to discuss the impact of digital currency and data capitalization on the global economy of the future.

October 27

Global Digital Assets Vancouver Summit, co-hosted by Hibit Blockchain, ChainUP, Node Capital, and Golden Finance, was held in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. Conference attendance approached 1,000, and included nearly 100 professionals, from blockchain platform founders, technical leaders, experts, and scholars who delivered speeches and joined panel discussions.

Feng Han spoke at the event, saying, “Data will be owned by the individuals with blockchain technology. Elastos will become a digital asset platform. Bitcoin and Libra will price the individual’s data asset. Thus, we will enter a new wealth paradigm which will be defined by an economic explosion of native digital wealth at least as great as the wealth explosion produced by real estate privatization in China.”

October 30

Feng Han, cofounder of Elastos, had an interview by Xingkong Dialogue that involved a dialogue column jointly launched by Xiongkong Finance and Fintech4Good. In the interview, Feng proposed that the implementation of blockchain-based economic reform in China will spark a financial product revolution of a magnitude comparable to the industrial revolution.

October 31

Elastos hosted a booth at San Francisco Blockchain Week at the Marriott Marquis. Kiran Pachhai hosted a developer workshop titled, “Build for the Modern Internet powered by Blockchain,” while Clarence Liu participated in a panel on “Scaling in 2020: Layer 1 vs Layer 2”

Feng Han participated in the Asian Digital Economy Summit Forum in Thailand.

November 06

Feng Han participated in the blockchain Meetup hosted by Harvard Kennedy College to speak about the opportunities and challenges facing the blockchain industries in China and the United States.

November 07-08

Elastos held a booth at the AI and Blockchain Summit in Malta which hosted over 6,000 delegates and 150 projects over the course of two days.


Zhejiang – Nov 08-09

Feng Han will attend the round-table meeting of the domestic public chain dialogue at the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference.

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