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Weekly Updates|4 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 09 April 2021


A fantastic DID Roadmap is out and the core development teams are making great progress (as usual). 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Optimized the application building process of Elastos Essentials
– Optimized the loading speed of the application when it is running
– Improved the Connectivity SDK in the feedback of development and use case problems
– Connectivity SDK now supports browser mode to first use WebSockets and Elastos Essentials for a series of interactive requests
– Improved the implementation of Local/Instant DID
– Conducted the first round of internal testing for the integrated Elastos Essentials application
– Fixed the problems found in the test of the built-in app
– Fixed bugs found in test acceptance of plugins related to Elastos
– Migrated the test dApps in the original elastOS to an independent new Native application using Elastos Essentials
– Provided documentation on “How to migrate from elastOS to Elastos Essentials” for third-party dApps
– Release 1.3.6/Android internal beta version, and conducted test verification

– Finished the implementation of the simulation ID chain according to the test requirements in Java SDK
– Tested and verified Native SDK test cases based on the simulated DID sidechain provided by the Java SDK
– Native SDK docking with new DID sidechain
– Service in DID Document of Native SDK now supports user-defined extended attributes
– Fixed some inconsistencies with Java SDK in Native SDK
– Completed the implementation of DID 2.0 and began testing and verification in Swift SDK

– Implemented the use of HTTP protocol to back up Vault data to the Backup node
– Optimized and improved Authentication/Authorization authentication process implementation code in Java SDK
– Optimized and improved the VaultSubscription module and added test cases in Java SDK
– Optimized the implementation of ScriptingService module in Java SDK
– Optimized the management and implementation of Payment in Java SDK
– In response to the modification and optimization of the last two weeks, added and improved test cases, increased the test coverage of functions
– Referred to the Java SDK interface type and optimized the Swift SDK interface and internal implementation

– Added configuration items for ELA to set the production reduction cycle
– Adjusted the cross-chain withdrawal transaction structure to support the transfer of data through cross-chain transactions
– Adjusted the transaction structure of the “retrieve cross-chain recharge” transaction
– Continued to conduct self-test on small cross-chain recharge transactions
– Reviewed consensus degradation and selection of random candidate nodes
– Fixed the issue of abnormal CR pledge deposit
– Fixed the problem that the general funding could not be created normally in the PoW mode
– Fixed the issue of missing some fields in the rollback function of updateNextTurnInfo

DID Sidechain
– Adjusted the did_resolveDID interface parameters of the new DID sidechain to json type
– Adjusted the fee calculation module of the new ID side chain and supplement the test case of transfer did
– When querying the DID in the deactivate state, we now add deactivate transaction information to the returned result

ETH Sidechain
– Developed the function of small cross-chain transfer
– Added cross-chain transaction records in the browser
– Researched the principle of optimism-rollup for layer 2 scaling
– Investigated the interaction process and data structure of L1 and L2

Community News

DIDs are at the center of what makes Elastos truly decentralized and remarkable. The DID Roadmap for 2021 includes some absolutely 🔥 innovations and upgrades.

Real Web3 is happening at Elastos.


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