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Weekly Updates|5 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 09 October 2020


Catch up on what the core development teams are working on in this Bi-Weekly Update

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– In response to the requirements of CR proposal dApp, added didsign intent and released the first version of CR Proposal dApp to the dApp Store
– Wallet dApp now supports manually adding/deleting ERC tokens
– Upgraded SPV SDK and continued to improve ETH sidechain related functions
– Continued to test and improve the Wallet dApp
– Continued to adjust and improve Runtime for elastOS Essential mode
– Updated developer website elastOS plugin documentation
– Fixed the issue that the callback object of the Carrier plugin was lost during file transfer
– Fixed the issue of the build system caused by the XCode upgrade
– Fixed some other issues

– Defined and discussed DID 2.0 related implementation schemes
– Native SDK version 1.1 is released, including cumulative updates
– Added support for Windows platform on Native SDK CI
– Added support for DID derived keys on Swift SDK
– Swift SDK specification DID exception
– Added automated scripts to generate framework on Swift SDK
– Updated API documentation for Swift SDK
– Added necessary log output on Swift SDK
– Fixed the JWT signature and verification bug on Swift SDK

– Defined the second stage Carrier Transport, client encryption, service subscription/payment, anonymous access and other features, and related implementation solutions
– Evaluated streaming encryption schemes
– Started the development of Swift SDK version
– Improved Java SDK code

– Released Swift SDK 5.6.5 version
– Fixed the issue that Session/Stream callback would not be triggered under certain conditions
– Fixed the issue of abnormal reinitialization of carrier data due to file permissions

– Release v0.6.0 version of ELA node and v0.2.0 version of Arbiter node, supported CR committee to bind DPoS node
– Developed the logic related to the deduction of pledge deposits from illegal behavior of DPoS nodes
– Conducted related tests on node inactice and illegal deduction of pledge deposit
– Prepared test cases for malicious behavior

DID Side Chain
-Released v0.2.0 version DID node
-Discussed and determined the implementation plan of transaction fees related to short domain names
-Discussed DID business requirements in the next stage

ETH Side Chain
– Released v0.1.0 version of ETH side chain node that supports DPoS consensus, shorter block time and higher version of smart contract
– Set up the ELAMask development environment and started related development work
– Completed cross-chain recharge and cross-chain withdrawal transaction stress test
– Tested whether transactions broadcast by ordinary nodes can be broadcast to other nodes
– Tested whether the rolled back transaction can be packaged again
– Solved the bug that the synchronization cannot be continued after the verification of the directly connected block fails

Elastos Wallet
-Completed the main development work of ELA Wallet Android v1.4.6
-After the SPVSDK synchronizes to the latest height of the ETH sidechain, it now obtains account status information through getproofs to prevent the issue of not being able to synchronize because non-archive nodes cannot provide historical status
-Changed the unit of ETH side chain transaction records to wei on SPV SDK
-Solved the problem that ETH sidechain token transactions could not be synchronized
-Continued to solve the issue of inconsistent addresses for creating smart contract transactions
-Fixed other problems found during development

DID Version 0.2.0 Node Upgrade Announcement

This upgrade provides services related to claiming DPoS nodes for Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). It is recommended that DPoS nodes complete this node upgrade prior to block height of 751,400 – estimated to take place on October 16, 2020 UTC.

For further information, please refer to the Release Note at following link:https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.ELA.SideChain.ID/blob/release_v0.2.0/docs/release-notes/release-notes-0.2.0.md

Community News

With so much progress happening behind the scenes Q4 is shaping up to be a very exciting quarter for the Elastos Founding Teams. Our Video Update Series Playlist is live on the Elastos Info Youtube channel. Catch up on all the progress today.



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