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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 09 September 2022


Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Supported .ela domain name service provided by Elastos Domain Service team
– Supported active discovery and display of ERC721/1155 tokens for all EVM networks that had issues (BSC, Fuse…).
– Added in-app notification for app updates.
– Improved the UI and user interaction design of ELA multi-signature accounts
– Improved DID/WalletConnect request session management
– Added the validity verification of user input data such as mnemonic / private key during the import process, and added related UI processing and feedback
– Switched the underlying implementation of the BTC network to a wallet SDK
– Fixed the issue that CR related transactions failed after UTXO exceeded the support limit
– Fixed the bugs of multi-chain support in the new version of JS Wallet SDK
– Tested and verified the compatibility of the ELA main chain switching to the new version of JS Wallet SDK and the compatibility of CR related businesses
– Introduced a new log system that can be used to remotely assist in locating errors
– Improved testnet support for development needs

– Released JS SDK v2.8.2 to resolve several issues found
– Optimized Hive Node internal DB related update processing
– Improved the function of Hive Node backup vault data
– Improved exception handling when the JS SDK’s Access Token expires.
– Used DID SDK encryption interface to improve the implementation of JS SDK front-end data encryption
– Fixed bugs found in the project usage of the JS SDK database query interface
– Implemented the registration contract of Hive Node in HiveHub Web App
– Fixed issues found in HiveHub Web App test validation

– Run multiple DHT Node instances to form a DHT network for test case verification
– Located and resolved DHT Node memory out-of-bounds crashes with valgrind
– Java DHT SuperNode can be officially run, started testing and added test cases
– Solved the problem of inconsistent message serialization format in Native DHT and Java DHT
– Joint debugging of Native DHT and Java DHT

– JavaScript SDK added symmetric/asymmetric key management and data encryption support
– Implemented native SDK encryption related interfaces
– Added symmetric/asymmetric key management and data encryption interface of JavaScript SDK

– Conducted voting, ticket exchange stress tests, and multi-signature account tests under the DPoS 2.0 consensus mode, and fixed problems found in the tests. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the Elastos main chain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the Elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Adjusted the network establishment process for Arbiter nodes to directly connect to the network, and fixed the problem of network instability.
– Developed the Schnorr signature testing tool, continued with Schnorr signature testing.

ESC Side Chain
– Continued the ELink concurrency stress test to test the maximum concurrency of ELink. ELink is a decentralized oracle network that allows other smart contracts to securely access data such as identities and credentials on the EID side chain, opening up the data link between DID identity data and dApp applications, and meeting the needs of dApps to obtain DID and credential information .
– Fixed an issue where some transaction fees in the ESC browser were displayed incorrectly.

Community News

The Elastos Foundation has provided the latest monthly update on its Buyback Program to Support DPoS 2.0.

Read it here: https://news.elastos.org/ela-buyback-program-to-support-dpos-2-0-monthly-update-august/

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