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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 10 April 2020


The last two weeks have seen the release of Hive v1.0, elastOS v1.1.0 for Android, a CR Voting Capsule on elastOS, and a new upgrade for Elastos Wallet.

Also in this issue, Kiran Pachhai released two new videos on Tuum’s Youtube Channel on the current state of Elastos and a crash course on how to build a dApp and Trinity Tech gives an update on iOS integration. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
-Released Android v1.1.0 version
-Updated the UI / UX of launcher and setting applications based on the new design
-Completed translation of Chinese version; elastOS now supports both English and Chinese
-Supported to change the network by the global preference setting (mainnet / testnet / privnet)
-Improved developer mode support (such as turning off developer mode and automatically switching to mainnet etc.)
-Improved DID mnemonic recovery and fixed DID dApp bugs
-Completed the development of CR council voting dApp and conducted a pre-launch internal test
-Based on Apple’s strategy, released a test version for iOS and adjusted for feedback
-Now Supports sharing intent links outside Trinity, such as recommending dApps or adding friend requests, etc.
-Now Supports consolidation of utxo transactions
-Created an application to manage and publish dApps
-Defined JWT usage specification in Trinity’s external interaction
-Updated Carrier / Hive plugin to the latest SDK release
-Designed solution for DID global login
-Fixed the bugs found during testing

-Completed the built-in JWT support on Java SDK, providing more secure and easy-to-use JWT APIs
-Native SDK now supports certificates in JSON format
-Improved error code and error message support of Native SDK
-Swift SDK now supports changing of DID Store password
-Swift SDK and Java SDK conformance and compatibility testing and verification
-Added test cases to improve test coverage on Swift SDK

-Released Hive Native / Java / Swift v1.0 SDK
-Released Data access Hive API based on files / Key-Value (currently supports oneDrive / IPFS)
-Updated the code of the new version of Hive Plugin to the master branch and officially merged into the master branch of elastOS
-Optimized test cases

-Released Carrier Native / Android / Swift SDK v5.5 version
-Improved the support interface for WebRTC and continued to optimize the implementation of Carrier WebRTC SDK
-Test verification of Carrier Native SDK cumulative update
-Designed to support Carrier to send large messages (more than 1K, but less than 1M)
-Updated Carrier Plugin’s Carrier multi-instance modification to the master branch, officially merged into the elastOS master branch
-Organized the characteristics of Feeds dApp and optimized UI / UX interface design
-Based on a new round of Review comments, continued to optimize the UI / UX code of the Feeds dApp, and released an internal version for verification and the next round of Review every weekend
-Designed Feeds dApp to support Elastos DID implementation

-Improved test cases
-Prepared the document “Payment Data Structure of Proposal Related Transactions”
-Fixed bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
-Completed the development of verification module for double signing malicious activity
-Modified chainID
-Discussed the DPOS consensus development plan

DID Side Chain
-Discussed the implementation scheme of DID Spec v0.3

Elastos Wallet
-Released Android v1.4.2
-Completed the module development of ETH side chain for SPV SDK for the following: EthereumAmount, EthereumAccount, EthereumTransfer, EthereumBlock
-Analyzed the reason why the ID chain SPV synchronization speed is slow based on the collected log data
-Fixed bug of exporting timestamp in keystore
-Fixed the problem that the dependent library boost cannot be compiled after upgrading Xcode

Tuum Team Update

* Final edits and testing of new Ionic Framework landing page and companion Getting Started Guide for developing dApps on elastOS.
* Reached 35,000 elastOS user downloads before shifting focus back to dApp developers while iOS is on Testflight and several updates are underway.
* Bi-weekly developer newsletter sent highlighting updates to Carrier Native SDK, Hive SDK, elastOS v1.1, and Academy dApp v1.4.3
* Continued UI/UX developments for elastOS based on user feedback + new API permission screens.
* Hyper code on Gitlab updated to include conversations layout and messaging functionalities – Discussed storage options, release schedule, and new features in project meeting.
* Initial architecture diagram completed for new KYC dApp to be built for elastOS.
* Kicked off new DID Publishing and services dApp for elastOS.
* Academy dApp added referral code feature, weekly challenge of “invite frenzy” to gain points by inviting friends, updated rank and guild pages.
* Published Build a dApp Crash Course here 

* Watch developer Kiran Pachhai break down the current state of Elastos and learn where to find status updates and more:



Cyber Republic

The Elastos Foundation has released a statement regarding the upcoming CRC election process: https://news.elastos.org/crc-schedule-update/

The CR Interim Council reconvened for their weekly meeting to discuss Suggestions:
Mar 27: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/04/10/cr-interim-council-conference-call-march-27-2020/

Community News


elastOS Version 1.1 for Android comes with several new features including a sleek and enhanced UI/UX. Read about all the new upgrades and download today in the Google Play Store. https://news.elastos.org/elastos-version-1-1-official-release-on-android/


Community Announcement: Trinity Tech Ltd., the team responsible for the development of elastOS and its integral technologies, would like to provide an update on the current state of iOS integration. elastOS has progressed to Apple’s testflight, an important milestone in the iOS App Store’s publication process. However, because the elastOS app currently contains a webview wallet, it does not meet the criteria required to advance to publication. In the interim, Apple has validated elastOS for testflight while a native wallet is developed. In order to implement the necessary development adjustments, Trinity Tech has conservatively set aside two months. In the meantime, while development is underway on the native wallet, all community members interested in providing feedback and contributing to the testing process are encouraged to email the team directly at contact@trinity-tech.io.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Two new dApps have been released on elastOS: The CR Council Members Voting Capsule and the ElaNodes Capsule, your go to resource for all things supernodes. Find them both here: https://scheme.elastos.org/app?id=org.elastos.trinity.dapp.dappstore


Looking for updates on all of Elastos’ various projects? Then check out our regularly updated Modules Status on the Elastos Developer portal at: https://developer.elastos.org/discover_elastos/modules_status/


ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 update announcement

The latest version of the ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 has been released.

The details of this update is as follows:

1. Adds the function of creating DID, which supports adding personal credentials
2. Candidates for CR members can issue relevant election related information through their personal credentials
3. Supports the binding of Elastos DID and CR website account and login to CR account by scanning QR code
4. Optimizes wallet start-up speed
5. Adds “node connection setting” function

-CR member candidates need to create DID, add avatar information, personal profile and other election related information to personal credentials, and publish all election related information through “Update DID Information”;
-After CR council candidates create Elastos DID, they need to complete the binding with DID through “Update Registration Information”.
-Please back up your wallet before you perform the upgrading.



March 27

Feng Han was invited to the livestream of  Zhongben Finance where he delivered a lecture on National Wealth Powered by Blockchain. Mr. Han focused on one of the principles of wealth generation: sufficient information.
Mr. Han thinks there are five principles for wealth generation, they are as follows: First, the privatization of property. This area is self-evident because if property is not private, human beings would not trade. The other areas are price anchoring, technology advancement, large-scale transactions and sufficient information. Please click the picture for more details.

Useful links:


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