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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 10 September 2021


Core development teams were hard at work the last two weeks with notable updates from Essentials that include adding multiple Ethereum compatible chains to the Essentials app with plans to add more chains in the near future. Also, JavaScript SDK v2.1 was released, as well as the Elastos Foundation Bi-Annual Financial Report and much more.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Updated the latest Wallet-SDK; Wallet now supports multiple Ethereum compatible chains
– Added the main ERC20 tokens on the Heco chain, and supported automatic discovery of ERC20 tokens
– Implemented the storage sandbox of different blockchain networks within the Wallet
– Improved the details of multi-network support, performed functional verification, and fixed related problems
– Adjusted the UI/UX of Wallet to adapt to the needs of multiple networks
– Optimized the implementation and experience of obtaining transaction records for ERC20 Token in Wallet
– Tokens management in the case of multiple networks in the Wallet
– Optimized Wallet page display and content on-demand loading
– Optimized the display of small amounts in the Wallet
– Some UI/UX optimizations related to Wallet asset transfer
– Improved the implementation of in-app browser and the interaction with Essentials wallet

– JavaScript SDK version 2.1.0 officially released
– Verified the minify version and conducted a full-featured test on JS SDK
– Updated and enhanced version test data to ensure the compatibility of SDK implementation on JS SDK
– Fixed the bug of DID Store export/import on JS SDK
– The basic types in the unified DID export file are now all of the string type, which is convenient for the unification of SDKs on different platforms
– Completed compatibility test verification between Swift/Native/JavaScript/Java SDK

– Hive Node now supports CORS configuration items via a environment variable, and also released the latest version v2.3.9
– Hive Java SDK front end synchronously modified and released the latest version of Java SDK v2.3.3
– Completed the implementation of the Backup module based on IPFS on Hive Node
– Added new interface updateOne/deleteOne to support front-end SDK interface on Hive Node
– Added About module to Hive Node
– Implemented IPFS-based services that upgrade Backup to Vault on Hive Node
– Implemented rectification based on the interface after the back-end integration of IPFS on Hive Java SDK
– Referred to Java SDK v2.3.0 to implement Swift SDK

– Continued the development of Carrier 2.0

– Conducted cross-chain withdrawal transaction schnorr signature stability test and signature malicious test
– Added the function of storing and querying cross-chain refill transactions through SPV
– Stored the registered sidechain information to the config.json configuration file of arbiter
– Discussed and revised the plan for registering sidechain proposals
– The main chain browser carried out the development of the new version of the side chain recharge and withdrawal transaction functions
– Fixed other discovered issues

EID Sidechain
– The service of the DID document now supports custom attributes, through which users can flexibly add attributes according to the characteristics of the custom service, increasing the flexibility of the service
– Developed the listCredentials function and tested it, through the interface modification, users can query the credential on the chain to meet the needs of credential query in commercial applications
– Deployed and tested EID browser

ESC Sidechain
– Completed the debugging of the batch interface of layer2->layer1
– Tested the function of layer2’s aribiter to dynamically update according to spv
– Fixed the problems found in the dynamic perception function test
– Preparing for the launch of other Layer 2

Lightning Network
– Built a local environment and investigated lighting network trading rules
– Conducted different types of Lightning Network transfer tests

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added the function of general ETH type sub-wallet, supported adding Heco, BSC and other environments. Through this function, the wallet can quickly access other environments and realize the multi-currency wallet function.
– Added the gasPrice and gasLimit parameters to the ESC sidechain transaction interface to support the wallet to adjust the transaction fee when creating ETH and other chain transactions.
– Used zap command line wallet to verify Lightning Network transfer transactions that include middlemen

Community Updates

The Elastos Foundation has released its Bi-Annual Financial Report covering Jan-June of 2021. Read it here:

Useful links:


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