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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 11 February 2022


The last two weeks included strong progress on DPoS 2.0, the Elastos Smart Chain deployed to a Layer 2 test environment, the January monthly report of the ELA Buyback Program, and of course, Lunar New Year.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released iOS v2.5.1 to fix the issue of invalid WalletConnect calls
– Improved the implementation of various import methods for dApps such as DID
– Improved the UI adaptation of CR Suggestions dApp, and fixed the problem of incomplete display on some models
– Tested and verified RedPacket App, improved UI and fixed several bugs according to test situation
– Tested to verify CR Proposals support for new proposal types

– Fixed the validity verification problem caused by expiration in the DID SDK, and released a new version of the SDK

– Implemented a demo App for test verification based on Hive JS SDK

– Continued the development of Carrier2

– Tested Rosetta API and fixed issues found
– Adjusted the DPoS 2.0 ticket exchange logic, using a unified address as the pledge address
– Conducted DPoS 2.0 revenue collection related tests and fixed problems found
– Added cancel voting lua script, constructed relevant test data for testing

EID Side Chain
– Fixed the problem that the transaction IDs returned by the resolveCredentials interface are in reverse order
– EID browser continues to develop new transaction-related functions such as custom DID and vouchers

ESC Side Chain
– Deployed the layer 2 test environment, performed functional and anomaly tests, and fixed problems found

Community Updates

The Elastos Foundation has provided the first monthly update on its ELA Buyback Program To Support DPoS 2.0. Read it here: https://news.elastos.org/ela-buyback-program-to-support-dpos-2-0-monthly-update-january/

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