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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 11 March 2022


The core development teams provided another comprehensive update on their work over the last two weeks.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Refactoring the SDK, modifying the wallet creation process and data storage to be implemented through the JavaScript SDK
– Located and fixed the problem that the transfer may stop on the waiting page
– Development of integrated Ledger hardware wallets
– Tested and fixed CR proposal related bugs
– Upgraded to the latest version of the SDK to use new features such as importing, exporting seeds, etc.

– DID Native SDK now supports universal binary on MacOS
– Optimized the initialization process of DID backend in Java SDK to reduce the delay caused by network detection in the initialization process
– Java SDK has updated DID state in local DID store after deactivate
– Revised and improved the policy for expiring and validity checking of DID objects
– The Java SDK has modified the implementation according to the adjustment of the above strategy
– Improved DIDUtils, simplified command line syntax, provided command line support for full DID SDK functionality

– Released Javascript SDK v2.4.1
– Optimized the backup Service implementation of Java/Javascript SDK and related test cases
– Optimized the Javascript SDK subscription module to obtain information about Node Providers
– Implemented functions such as Vault information display and backup in HiveHub WebApp
– Improved HiveHub WebApp to register Hive Node, create Vault, and Vault migration and other functions

– Developing the Secure DHT function of Carrier2

– Completed the logic of DPoS 2.0 node unstaking
– Added punishment logic for DPoS 2.0 nodes doing evil
– Adjusted the node deposit in DPoS 2.0 to 2000 ELA
– Added RPC interface for querying DPoS 2.0 voting data
– Tested the DPoS 2.0 voting and ticket exchange process, and fixed the issues found
– ela-cli has added the functions of canceling CR members and canceling pledge deposits, supports proposal-related commands, and supported digest signature and verification
– ELA browser has supported displaying some special addresses as names

EID Side Chain
– EID browser has added support for DID invalidation status, etc.

ESC Side Chain
– Located node maintenance may lead to data rollback and other issues
– Completed the joint debugging of the layer2 main process and solved the problems found in the test process

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Fixed an issue that could cause the transfer to fail when there were too many UTXOs

Community News

The Elastos Foundation has provided the latest monthly update on its Buyback Program to Support DPoS 2.0. Read it here: https://news.elastos.org/ela-buyback-program-to-support-dpos-2-0-monthly-update-february/


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