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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 11 September 2020


With update videos on ETH Sidechain, elastOS, and Carrier, and the release of the Foundation’s Bi-Yearly Financial Report, there is a wealth of information in this issue on the state of the Founding Teams and what’s ahead in the coming months.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

– Improved the UI/UX of the new wallet, and adjusted the UI/UX of elastOS Essentials (iOS)
– Wallet related intents now support the parameters for selecting wallet
– Improved multi-wallet support and optimized for user experience
– Wallet plug-in was upgraded to the latest version of SPV SDK to support ETH sidechain related functions
– Now supporting transfer via CryptoName
– Completed the migration of DID plugin, DID Session and DID dApp on the desktop version, DID Session and DID dApp
– Began to port the carrier plugin on the desktop version
– Started developing CR proposal dApp
– Now supporting dApp authentication and authorization intent
– DID dApp now supports exporting mnemonics
– Defined the TypeScript interface and its implementation according to the Hive SDK interface
– Fixed the problem of large file transfer failure on Carrier plugin
– Fixed other general issues

– Added KeyPair export through application ID and secret code to facilitate application derivation and avoid conflicts on Native SDK
– Improved the API documentation to supplement the Java SDK
– Fixed other general issues

– Completed the implementation of server-side rules and client-side API
– Completed the Hive dApp demo and verified the entire process from Hive SDK to Node backend
– Completed a usable development version for HyperIM requirements
– Comprehensive review and revision of the interface of Hive client Java SDK
– Improved part of the DB and File API
– Standardized improvements to the DID certification process

– Continued to optimize the offline message sending mechanism and implemented it as a sub-function activated through configuration files
– Optimized Carrier Native SDK file transfer test cases
– Upgraded to use the latest libcrystal dependent library version v1.0.6
– Improved the WebRTC iOS/Android SDK to prepare for the release of the technical preview version
– Fixed the issue of file transfer failure of files exceeding 10K in FileTransfer in Carrier Plugin

– Organized the codes and documentation of the mainchain and chain’s rejectcode and errorcode
– Tested complex scenarios such as impeachment, temporary change of office, and multiple withdrawals of pledge deposits
– Added the Arbitrator node claimed by the CR committee to address, so that the Arbitrator node can communicate with the main chain, so that the withdrawal information sent by other Arbiter nodes can be processed and signed
– Prepared a blockchain browser and web wallet domain name update plan
– Fixed other issues found in the closed beta

DID Side Chain
– Added nodeversion field in SPV

ETH Side Chain
– Added processing logic for rollback of multi-sign abnormal block production
– Added diffculty verification to prevent difficulty from doing something malicious on Block verification
– Added uncle block verification to prevent modification of uncle block data on DPoS verification
– Now supporting the latest version of EVM and solidity 0.7
– Discussed the feasibility of using the main chain DPoS rotation method for the ETH sidechain
– Deployed test nodes, completed transaction and smart contract stress test script development and deployment, prepared for multiple types of stress tests

Elastos Wallet
– Adjusted the SPV SDK interface for creating ETH transactions and added a transaction interface for calling contracts
– Provided an external callback interface for obtaining transaction data on SPV SDK
– The synchronization mode of ETH side chain was adjusted to P2P+RPC, and the corresponding callback interface is added
– Fixed the problem on SPV SDK that the DID transaction broadcast fails, and upgrades the json serialized class JsonGenerator
– Fixed the issue that the verification of the termination proposal failed
– Fixed the problem of failure of deserialization of secretary general election
– Completed the first round of multi-signature wallet testing
– Fixed other problems found in the test

Community News

The Elastos Foundation continues its commitment to transparency with the release of its Q1 and Q2 2020 Financial Report.

Elastos Financial Report – First Half 2020

Watch BD Lead Clarence Liu present our ETH Sidehcain: Scalable, Secure, and the home of DeFi – where users can transact freely AND own their data via real decentralized apps. Plus, ElaMask, Token Bridges, and Money Markets are all coming to Elastos.

Next up in our update series: Listen in to Trinity Team Lead Benjamin Piette as he presents elastOS. Not only are fresh new features in the works – including Hive ++ integration, but development for the highly anticipated elastOS for Desktop is underway!

Carrier Team lead Zhilong Tang presents Elastos‘ Carrier network: the server-less, decentralized, end-to-end communication platform for the Modern Internet. The Carrier Team has got a lot in store for the months ahead – check in for a full update.

August 28

B. Summer 2020 hosted by Bzone and Shenzhen Guangdian Group was held in Shenzhen on August 28th. Feng Han was invited to participate in the round table discussion on Defi.

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