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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 12 February 2021


As many of the core development teams head into the Chinese New Year holiday, technical progress was abound, as usual, leading up to the short holiday break.

Let’s recap

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Fixed an issue in Runtime where the background color of the system status bar and the app’s title bar on iOS were inconsistent
– Fixed the problem of state restoration in Runtime when switching between horizontal and vertical screens
– Supported hiding application title bar in full screen mode and adding corresponding API in Runtime
– Cleaned the DID Cache in Runtime when switching networks to solve the problem of cache data interference
– Runtime background services will be automatically re-run after the application is updated
– Solved the problem that the application cannot be closed when background services are running in Android version of Runtime
– Optimized Intent call and Webview display logic in Runtime
– Updated the latest Trinity Runtime code to the Desktop project
– Supported Trinity CLI to install and run dApp packages through commands such as install and run for Trinity Desktop
– Added DID SDK NodeJS plugin in Trinity Desktop
– Officially enabled CI for daily builds in Trinity Desktop
– Fixed the crash of the embedded Identity dApp when the DID is not created in Trinity Native
– Added Hive Manager multilingual translation
– Wallet internal optimization and other small problem solving
– Improved the internal cleanup mechanism after the Intent is called in DID dApp
– Fixed the problem of incorrect handling of ReactJS application packaging manifest in Trinity CLI
– Improved Trinity Native’s build tools
– The description and usage document of background service have been added to the developer website
– Added full-screen and landscape-supported documents to the developer website
– Fixed a series of accumulated bugs

– Hive Node backend now supports CORS cross-domain access
– New test cases for Hive Node Vault Backup module
– Optimized Hive Node’s external REST API and internal implementation optimization
– Optimized the implementation of Vault creation by Hive Java SDK
– Realized Hive Java SDK Script URL anonymous sharing function
– Optimized Hive Java SDK test cases
– Implemented the Vault Backup/Migration function module in Hive Swift SDK and added relevant test case verification
– Other internal implementation optimization in Hive Swift SDK

– Improved the relevant specifications of DID 2.0
– Improved the test data generation tool for DID 2.0 and added new test data
– Implemented DID Store’s support for RootIdentity, and added new test cases to verify RootIdentity module in Native SDK
– Updated test case to verify DIDStore v2.0 specification in Native SDK
– Completed the implementation of the new version of DID Store and the compatibility test of the 1.x/2.x version in Native SDK
– Completed preparations for DID v2.0 and started adding test cases in Native SDK
– Completed the compatibility test of 1.x/2.x version in Java SDK
– Improved the export/import implementation of DID Store and supported the default RootIdentity and other information in Java SDK
– Added test cases to verify the creation, update, transaction, and cancellation of the Customized DID in Java SDK
– Added the release, revocation, list and other operations of test case verification certificates in Java SDK
– Optimized DIDStore export and import functions in Java SDK

– Verified the number of friends accepted by a single device in Carrier Native SDK
– Exported header files in Carrier module in Carrier Native SDK are organized and divided into header file sets organized by independent module structure
– Carrier now supports community members to build a Carrier node crawler website

– Continued to carry out related tests for consensus degradation to AuxPOW and recovery to DPoS
– Conducted compatibility tests and fix known bugs

DID Side Chain
– Added TransferTicket data interface to support Customized DID transfer
– Adjusted the Customized DID data structure to support the Customized ID in the registered reserved list
– Added RPC interface for obtaining the number of registered DIDs
– Completed Customized DID create, update, transfer and deactivation
– Constructed data to test the proposal functions of ReceieveCustomID and ChangeCustomIDFee, and fixed bugs found
– Tested the function of obtaining Customized ID proposal data through SPV, and fixed the bugs found
– Added Customized DID single controller and multiple controller test cases

ETH Side Chain
– Fixed a bug that in some cases the transfer amount of cross-chain transfer transactions could not be verified

Elastos Wallet
– Modified the ID Sidechain interface of SPVSDK to support setting DID transaction fee
– Fixed the problem of un-synchronization reported by community members

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