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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 12 March 2021


The last two weeks saw the release of the Elastos Foundation’s Q3-4 2020 Financial Report, an important strategic update on the new Elastos Essentials, and technical updates across the core development teams.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Completed the migration of most of the major Plugins to Elastos Essentials 2.0, and performed the necessary cleaning and verification
– Currently integrating the original dApps into the new framework of the Elastos Essentials 2.0 application and completing the migration of the main applications
– Combined the multilingual resources of multiple dApps
– Unified intent processing and maintain compatibility with the original request method
– Added two intents: Share and OpenURL
– Updated the Elastos Essentials development toolchain and fixed several bugs

– Completed the implementation of Backup node in Hive Node
– Added the BackupInfo object to obtain the status of the backup service in Hive Node
– Solved the problem of ignoring file checksum list comparison during backup in Hive Node
– Implemented Pub/Sub features and added test cases in Hive Node
– Optimized design and implementation of Hive Java SDK APIs
– Optimized the client implementation of Backup in Swift SDK
– Added and improved test cases in Swift SDK
– Fixed problems in testing and application in Swift SDK
– Hive Java/Swift SDK Supplementary Test Case Verification

– Updated the Chinese version of DID Method related specifications
– Organized DID error documents as a reference for the development of Java/Native/Swift SDK
– Standardized the definition of DID exceptions and the use of exceptions to facilitate development, understanding, analysis, and location of problems in Java SDK
– The Java SDK has been modified according to W3C specifications, supplemented with the new attributes in VerifiablePresentation, and provided DID document support for service extended attributes
– Java SDK has re-implemented the synchronization of DID Store and chain in accordance with the modification of DID Store in 2.0 SDK
– Added a check on the validity of mnemonic when restoring DID in Java SDK
– Unified the details of TransferTicket in Java SDK and Native SDK
– Fixed the potential cache entry conflict problem in the cache of DID Store in Java SDK
– Added support for passwordless synchronization in Native SDK and also implemented a delayed private key generation mechanism
– Referred to Java SDK to improve the transparent upgrade process of DIDStore from the old version to the new version in Native SDK
– Native SDK now supplements the test case and perfected the SDK implementation
– Improved Swift error handling according to the definition of Java DID exception in Swift SDK
– Continued to implement the new features introduced by DID 2.0 based on the Java SDK in Swift SDK too

– Built a Push message communication service node based on an open solution
– Verified the message push service plan for common applications
– Pushed message mechanism SDK API interface design and implementation

– Designed the sidechain quick recharge implementation plan, organized the main chain and Arbiter node code logic
– Completed the development of production reduction-related functions and added unit tests
– The browser now supports new transaction types such as DID proposals
– Fixed the problem of SPV module data storage
– Fixed other known bugs

DID Sidechain
– Refactored the DID transaction module to cover all DID operations through a DID transaction type
– Adjusted the DID operation fee verification module according to the DID 2.0 specification
– Completed the development of Normal and Customized ID deactivate functions
– Completed the business logic of Customized ID transfer
– Added related unit tests
– Based on the ETH sidechain code, began to transplant DID related functions, and have implemented DID document verification, data persistence, and data access functions. The client can obtain the DID status through fast synchronization
– Achieved storage and rollback of DID payload through receipt
– Calculated the gas fee required for DID operations through the RequireGas interface of the precompiled contract

ETH Sidechain
– Fixed the bug that SPV module may cause crash
– Added DID related functions in Ethereum browser

Elastos Wallet
– Completed the interface and testing of three proposals such as reserveCustomID, receiveCustomID, changeCustomIDFee, etc. in SPV SDK

Community News

The Elastos Foundation has released its Financial Report for Q3-Q4 2020. 


The elastOS app will head in several new and exciting strategic directions in 2021, including getting a fresh name. Find out everything the Trinity Team has planned in The New Elastos Essentials.


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