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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 13 September 2019


In the last two weeks Elastos released its Bi-Annual Financial Report, attended Invest:Asia in Singapore, hosted Developer Workshop #4, and announced plans to attend TPAC 2019 hosted by the W3C in Japan.

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– Optimized Launcher’s UI and user experience
– Hive Plugin file operation related API and verification on iOS platform
– Completed upgrade of the newly released SPV SDK and updated Wallet DApp simultaneously
– Released Trinity Developer Preview Version
– Developed next phase of Roadmap and Milestones

– Completed Swift and Java API documentation
– Implemented Android version Hive file browser
– Implemented key-value storage interface based on the standard version of IPFS
– Implemented Android Hyport (web browser) application
– Some minor issues with the Java SDK/Swift SDK Bug fix

– Testing and improvement of the Native SDK implementation

– Implemented import and export of carrier profiles
– Separated file transfer example on iOS platform for feature verification
– Continuous Integration verification for new versions of Android – Implemented the dstore interface based on the Restful interface provided by Hive IPFS to optimize the underlying implementation of Carrier offline messages

Product Group
– Released ELA Wallet[ios] v1.3.1 version
– Optimized ELA Wallet for election/elected member management functions in CR elections
– Designed ELA Wallet voting statistics
– Followed up CR’s first stage ELA node and Wallet development tasks to discuss subsequent development schedules and release plans
– DID business needs research and planning design and followed up DID Sidechain’s adaptation to DID specification
– Launched UI/UX optimization for ELA Wallet
– Followed up on ELA Wallet development progress and plans
– Organized elastos-cli functional requirements, project development plans, and interface and parameter design documentation
– Communicate with the DMA team to learn about the DMA development team and development plan
– Learn about the Elephant Node project development plan
– Development of Trinity Roadmap, feature list and Q3/Q4 milestone
– Defined the schema specification for Elastos application interaction

Main Chain
– Continued to optimize UTXO cache efficiency and data persistence efficiency
– Go language test framework prototyping and documentation
– Sprint 6 user story writing and related discussions, mainly dealing with database optimization and some of the second phase of CR functions
– Added port and PoW related configuration in node command line parameters

DID Side Chain
– Continued to implement the new DID specification and also wrote API documentation, and submitted tests

ETH Side Chain
– Fixed oracle API getwithdrawtransactionsbyheight: Get the withdrawal transaction condition and join the contract address judgment
– Ethereum sidechain blockchain browser function verification and problem repair
– Discussing the implementation of DPoS, designed a single sign plus multiple sign combination
– Researched about aggregated signature algorithms

NEO VM Chain
– Added wiki documentation for NeoVM GitHub

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added SPV C++ wiki documentation and modified SPV C++ readme documentation
– Found and fixed bugs in Android 6.0 update flashback, new release for iOS
– Multi-signature wallet changed to BIP45 standard
– Found and fixed a bug that was incorrect after restart with the unconfirmed transaction
– Communicated with UI developers to discuss issues with the interfaces required for development behind iOS and Android developers
– In case the balance is sufficient to cover the number of votes, a new vote is initiated, and old votes need to be retained; both DPoS and CR votes are placed in one UTXO
– Modified the corresponding interface of the multi-sign for Android

Elastos Wallet UI
– Developed Android and iOS multi-signing features
– Developed CR committee election and voting function
– Got DPoS supernode status to achieve automatic selection of the nearest server

Elastos Developer Workshop #4: Ethereum Sidechain Part 1

This session is all about the Ethereum Sidechain on Elastos… Part 1. 
Workshop GitHub: https://github.com/cyber-republic/dev…

0. Set up your Private Net
1. Intro to Ethereum Sidechain
2. Transfer ELA from main chain to ETH Sidechain
3. Interact with Ethereum Sidechain using RPC methods
4. Interacting with Management APIs
5. Managing Accounts: Create accounts, import wallets, list accounts and check balances
6. Connect to Ethereum Sidechain testnet
7. Deploy a simple Ethereum Smart Contract

DX Team Update

Elastos Academy Phase 2 (Available Next Week)
• All Pages – Optimized for Mobile/SEO
• All Pages – Layout Change
• New Page – Developer Workshop Home Page
• New Page – Style Guide & Resources
• New Page – Elastos Console
• New Page – Ethereum Sidechain Workshop
• New Page – Python DID Integration
• New Page – All Workshops
• DID Integration Structure Change
• Home Page Structure & Layout Change

Cyber Republic

The Elastos Foundation and Cyber Republic are honored to share Version 1.0 of the CRC Whitepaper. Please provide your comments and feedback by emailing crc-whitepaper@elastos.org 

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/09/10/biweekly-update-sep-9th/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

In accordance with our bi-annual release schedule and our commitment to transparency, The Elastos Foundation is pleased to share our Financial Report covering January to June 2019.

September 07

Feng Han participated in the China 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit, jointly hosted by Nanjing Chain Network Mobile Technology Research Institute and Babbit. In his speech on, “Data Asset-ization in the 5G Era,” Feng Han expressed that in the future, privatization of data will bring about appraisal and trading of personal data assets, a process that will need a transaction intermediary. Feng believes that the asset-ization of data will change the commercial models of the traditional internet, and will have the following benefits:

1. Individual credit limits will increase across the board;
2. Big-data mining will transform into mining for proof of data rights;
3. Individual digital content creation will transform into tradable digital assets;
4. It will fill the data gap which has caused the disparities in wealth globally.

Cyber Republic co-hosted a meetup in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where Clarence Liu, Elastos VP of Development gave a presentation on the Elastos ecosystem and the goals of CR Regions. 

September 08

Feng Han participated in the Financial Technology Blockchain Summit in Hangzhou, China where he spoke on a panel.

September 11-12

Elastos hosted a booth at the Invest:Asia conference at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. The team spoke to dozens of projects about Elastos and acquired numerous leads for the Foundation and Cyber Republic. Elastos also co-sponsored a networking event with OKex and Jet Coin.


Fukuoka – September 16-20

Rong Chen and the Elastos team will be attending the TPAC 2019 hosted by the W3C.

“The W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee Meetings (TPAC) brings together W3C technical groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee for an exciting week of coordinated work. The benefit of face to face meetings and discussions is invaluable.”

ShenZhen – September 17

Feng Han will participate in the EBTC2019 China Blockchain Technology Application and Ecosystem Conference and blockchain industry award ceremony where industry heavyweights will come together to discuss future opportunities within the blockchain industry, ecosystem consensus, and other crucial topics. This event will be jointly hosted with Erduo Finance.

Malta – Nov 07 – 08

Elastos will be exhibiting with a booth at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit in November.

“The Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit has secured its place on the global tech calendar as the premier platform for companies to exhibit, network and engage in debate. More than 14,000 exhibitors, investors, suppliers, and thought leaders have come together, forged new partnerships, and sealed lucrative business deals.

The third edition of the summit takes place on 7 to 8 Nov 2019, offering more networking, more high quality content, and more business opportunities. 

The AIBC Summit offers additional opportunities through a number of global satellite events and networking dinners, as well as producing a bi-annual publication and news site packed full of in-depth interviews and articles, bringing brand exposure and visibility to companies looking for a place to show the world what they do best. The variety of content offerings also provide a launch-pad for thought leaders keen to be a part of the conversation in this fast-paced industry.”

For more information: https://maltablockchainsummit.com/

Useful links:

Elastos Academy

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

Developer Portal in Cyber Republic

Developer Documentation on Github

Elastos Community

Cyber Republic Forums


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