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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 14 August 2020


First Defi comes to Elastos, next – Feeds (decentralized Twitter).

Also, a very informative update on elastOS (iOS and Desktop), EF joins an IEEE Working Group,  Feng Han speaks at a Cointelegraph conference and extensive technical updates from all the founding teams. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Migrated the core plug-in to the desktop version, improved the implementation of the desktop version of Runtime
– Imported the new version of Wallet UI/UX
– Developed CR Proposal dApp
– Adjusted the iOS version according to the goal of elastOS Essentials
– Improved the processing and pop-up process of Password Manager’s password input box to optimize user experience
– Improved the DID dApp signature intent, and updated the signature example in the DID demo application
– The wallet plugin will now support two backends (SPV/Node RPC API) to query balance and other operations to optimize user experience
– Integrated the basic functions of ETH Sidechain
– Background service now supports controlling the execution order of tasks
– Improved the support of build scripts for different distributions
– Solved the problem of Electron packaging
– Fixed the bug that the contact notification was not initialized after DID identity switch
– Fixed the problem that the import of DID mnemonics failed randomly
– Other regular bug fixes

– Evaluation of DID 2.0 technical solutions
– Integrated Python CFFI module construction on Native SDK
– Now automatically generating Native SDK export symbol table to reduce the probability of human error
– Started the migration of DID Native SDK Windows platform
– Fixed the problem of conflict with SPV SDK symbols

– According to the new DID dApp Auth process specification, continued to optimize the implementation of the authorization module of the Hive SDK and related external interface types, and continued to improve the DID authentication on the Hive Node side
– Added MongoDB API on the front end of Hive Java SDK and realized the docking with Hive Node MongoDB service, and supplemented corresponding test cases
– Improved the data sandbox mechanism based on users and applications
– Improved and tested cloud disk synchronization management and scheduling mechanism
– Synchronized configuration management and configuration data storage management on Vaults
– Selection and design of ACL mechanism for Vault data
– Wrote DockerFile and made Hive Node docker image
– Fixed internal bugs and supplementary test cases when Hive SDK is connected to Vaults

– Released Swift SDK v5.6.3
– Based on the dependency needs of the WebRTC SDK, updated the statement about obtaining TurnServer
– Carrier Plugin now supports receiving/sending binary data block messages on the iOS platform
– Solved some potential bugs that the Carrier Native SDK relies on libcrystal and improve the stability of Carrier
– Solved the crash problem caused by the internal hashtable memory violation of the Carrier Native SDK
– Solved the consistency problem of the groupId of the same group in Carrier Plugin / Carrier Native
– Solved the compatibility problem of the return value of Carrier’s original message sending interface
– Solved the problem that the Carrier offline message mechanism cannot send messages longer than 60K
– Solved other bugs found in testing and applications
– Continued to implement and debug the WebRTC iOS SDK version
– The community development team released the Feeds dApp internal beta v1.0.0
– The community development team integrated the UI/UX design of the latest matching Service
– The community development team optimized the realization of internal state migration during the Feeds Service binding process
– The community development team optimized the Chinese resources of the multilingual module in the Feeds dApp
– The community development team made a feeds service installation package for MacOS
– The community development team optimized the UI display effect of the Feeds dApp in offline state or when the associated Feeds Source is offline
– The community development team optimized the Feeds Service Node binding interaction. When an illegal DID is used to apply for a service pairing, the Feeds Service Node returns a reasonable error code to the front end
– The community development team solved the timely responsiveness of the Feeds dApp’s like/follow/unfollow controls and the display effect of the UI when clicked
– The community development team continued to solve the UI/UX issues found during the testing and internal experience of the Feed dApp based on the previous release version

– Added height version check to context check
– Now allowing impeachment of CR members in inactive state
– Checked for possible data race
– Supported cryptoname on web wallet
– Added abnormal test cases for CR bound DPoS nodes on the automatic test framework
– Fixed other bugs found in internal beta

DID Side Chain
– Completed the development of deactivate DID related functions and test tools
– Added mongodb database to complete the development of data migration function

ETH Side Chain
– Continued the test of the consensus switch from POA to DPoS in the test environment, and fixed problems such as temporary forks triggered by network abnormalities
– Deployed stress test environment
– Added abnormal test document
– Fixed bugs found in unit testing

Elastos Wallet
– Released ELA Wallet iOS v1.4.5
– Added an interface to obtain the latest block height information on SPV SDK
– Fixed the issue that the wallet may crash under certain circumstances
– Developed new types of proposal payload modules such as replacement of proposal owner
– Completed the development of multi-signature functions, which is now undergoing related functional tests

Tuum Team Update

* Updated elastos.info to include a blog button in header, video on home page, and fix broken links.
* UI/UX design complete on website DID wizard – moving to production.
* New developer interviewed and added to Hyper team for elastOS desktop development.
* Released v1.0.0 of Assist: added notification service, now showing total DID requests, view remaining DID requests available, new statistics section, onboarding tutorial added, add Avatar at sign-in, and fixed bugs.
* Released v1.0.0 of Vouch: New validator added, now requests updated credentials at each new submission, new designs and support page, more stats available for validators, and added ‘How to’ instructions.
* Released v1.8.0 of Academy: Display total Lobby Chat members, show online status, add friends directly from chat, new menu designs, friend notifications added, choose your daily quiz category, and fixed iOS styling issues.
* Completed new UI/UX designs for elastOS wallet.
* Discussed offline group messaging solutions for Hyper IM.
* Carrier plugin started for elastOS desktop and the build for Windows was successful.
* Design team actively working on updated Identity UI/UX in coordination with Verifiable Credentials team.
* Verifiable Credentials team getting acquainted with DID app repo and assigning tasks.
* Trinity native now has a working basic carrier node sdk and it is possible to import the node sdk and test it on a simple node project with typescript file.
* New Elastos products team assembled with Advisors from Tuum Tech.
* UI/UX design for Feeds and creation of product social channels.

Community News

The latest in the Exploring elastOS Series covers a comprehensive update on iOS and Desktop versions, as well as information on Trinity Native, Background Services, CR Capsules and the all new elastOS Essentials.


ELA Wallet iOS Version 1.4.5 Upgrade Announcement

This version contains the following upgrades:
1. Added short domain name support function for Cryptoname payment address;
2. Optimized wallet UTXO processing capacity;
3. Optimized display effect for Proposals;
4. Optimized main net DID synchronization function;
5. Improved operation log recording function.

-As always, please remember to back up your wallet prior to performing this upgrade.

App store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ela-wallet/id1453348077

August 5

Elastos Foundation Director Heng Li recently attended the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) where he was elected Vice Chairman of the P3210 working group.


August 7

Cointelegraph Chinese Greater Bay Area of International Blockchain Week was held in Shenzhen. Elastos co-founder Feng Han shared his thoughts at the roundtable on “How to Seize New Commercial Opportunities for Filecoin”  and shared Elastos’ vision to create a second-generation Internet.

August 10

Feng Han visited StoreSwift, the No. 1 technology service provider of Filecoin testnet.

StoreSwift is a leader in the distributed storage industry. The company’s core team comes from a professional storage company headquartered in Silicon Valley and has more than ten years of management, research and development and market experience in related industries. StoreSwift has core hardware and software technologies in high-performance storage, distributed storage cluster management, low-level I/O optimization, and has prominent technical strength especially in the fields of RDMA acceleration, large-scale storage cluster management, and IPFS/Filecoin-based optimization solutions.

August 11

Feng Han attended the POWER 2020 Technology and Application Summit hosted by Huoxing Finance in Shanghai where he had a dialogue with the participants about Elastos’ mission.

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