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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 14 January 2022


With so many updates from the core development teams, a 2022 roadmap, and an ELA Buyback Plan for the coming DPoS 2.0, there is a lot to recap this issue.

Let’ do it.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released v2.4.0 and v2.4.1 for Android/iOS, adding support for BTC network and ERC1155.
– Home Screen has optimized the user experience in the following aspects: put Scanner on the title toolbar, delete some duplicate function entries, Recent/Favorite shortcut menu, etc.
– Now providing token price service through Trinity-Tech’s own service.
– Essentials iOS version now uses a standard browser to open dApps and provides WalletConnect to Essentials connection.
– CR Proposals dApp has completed some process changes for the full-text proposal upload function that connects to the new API of the CR website.
– Improved UI/UX of CR Suggestion/Proposal dApp.
– Tested kyc-me.io.
– Added integration for new dApps: Vitrim, E-lab, Kyc-me.
– Fixed and tested some issues according to the user feedback.
– Released v2.4.2 for Android/iOS with fixes for testing and community returns
– Supported importing DID/Wallet from privatekey or keystore
– Tried to unify the behavior of DID/Wallet created by different import methods (mnemonic, privatekey, keystore)
– Wallet improved NTFs display
– Improved some interactions and error messages of DID exceptions to make the user experience more friendly
– Improved the fault-tolerant processing of abnormal data in CR Proposals dApp
– Fixed a bug where kyc-me and e-lab would repeat verification requests on iOS devices
– Fixed the issue that kyc-me interacted abnormally with external browsers on some iOS devices
– CR Proposal dApp supported functions such as proposal fund withdrawal, Review Milestones, reservation of customized ID proposals, etc.
– Improved the status display of CR proposal and fixed the bug of status update display
– Developed specific features for the new year
– Updated latest Wallet SDK to fix several issues
– Community issue support and bug handling

– JavaScript/Swift SDK has improved SDK implementation based on feedback from recent applications.
– Java/JavaScript/Swift has added test cases for EID sidechain DID 2.0 related Features.
– Integrated and verified with new version EID sidechain nodes, and dealt with discovered problems.
– Improved the Test Cases in the SDK according to the test needs.
– Native/Swift SDK improved the test case of EID side chain
– JavaScript/Swfit/Java performed Unicode Normalize on the serialization results of all DID objects, unifies them into NFC format, and adds related use cases to verify EID sidechain processing
– JavaScript SDK updated the latest JWT dependencies to solve compilation problems
– Native SDK added sample code for documentation

– Fixed some boundary parameter values in the Hive Node Scripting module, and added test cases synchronously.
– The Java/Swift SDK now supports files downloading directly through HiveURL.
– Swift SDK has fixed some bugs found in testing and usage.
– Fixed the problem that there is no Response Body when deleting one or more documents in the JS SDK.
– JS SDK has added API to support direct upload of content block data.
– Completed the development documentation for the Java version of the Hive SDK.
– Working on HiveHub website prototyping and website development.
– Hive Node implemented the function of owner to obtain all Vault statistics on the node
– Java SDK implemented Provider class to get Vault statistics on Node
– JS SDK implemented streaming download files through the ScriptingService service interface
– Supplemented and improved Hive SDK documentation
– HiveHub began to integrate JS SDK to realize Hive Node registration function
– Developed HiveHub website and implemented DID login with Essentials authorization

– Continued to conduct research on DPoS functions, and completed the development of relevant codes such as voting renewal, cancellation of voting, and income distribution.
– Adjusted the memory state structure of voting data and optimized the logic of voting revenue calculation.
– Added Lua scripts for creating DPoS ticket exchange and voting transactions.
– Added reload verification for recharge and reversal transactions.
– Simulated the transition from DPoS 1.0 to DPoS 2.0, and fixed bugs found in the test.
– Adjusted the test cases of the automated testing framework and tested the refactored code.
– Continued to develop DPoS functions, completed the development and self-test of related codes such as refunding and issuing income through coinbase transactions
– Investigated Rosetta API and started development work, completed the development of modules such as block, transaction, and mempool
– Prepared Rosetta API test environment and test data, and prepared for subsequent test work
– Improved test cases for automated testing frameworks
– Completed the development documentation of consensus and governance modules

EID Side Chain
– Released version 0.2.0, which supports functions such as creating custom DIDs, declaring DID credentials, etc.
– Added support for @context and supplemented test cases.
– Fixed other issues found during testing.
– EID browser fixed the problem that some transaction statuses were displayed incorrectly

ESC Side Chain
– The Layer 2 contract has added the Nodepublickey of Supersigner for DPoS direct connection and broadcast signed messages.
– Developed and tested scripts that alter Supersigner.
– Optimized the release script of the cross-chain contract, and added a cross-chain test script for ERC20 cross-chain testing.
– ESC browser can now display cross-chain transactions.
– Completed the development and self-test of the ERC721 token cross-chain contract
– Completed the self-test of ERC20 token cross-chain transfer
– ESC browser completed support for cross-chain transactions

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Fixed ESC transaction failure issue.
– Fixed an issue that could cause logout of a DPoS node to fail

Community Updates

The Elastos Core Development 2022 Roadmap is a must read Web3 blueprint for the coming year’s infrastructure plans and upgrades. Read it here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-core-development-2022-milestones/

With Cyber Republic Proposal #74 “Elastos DPoS 2.0-A New Staking Model” now approved, The Elastos Foundation has released an update on its forthcoming ELA Buyback Program. https://news.elastos.org/ela-buyback-program/

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