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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 15 July 2022



Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Test verification of version 2.6.0 and fixed the problems found by the test
– Improved the implementation of various import methods such as mnemonics, private keys, and multi-network related implementations
– Improved the type support of ELA main chain transaction records, supported to distinguish various voting transaction types
– Conducted multi-signature account testing and fixed issues found
– Improved the reality of NFTs, supported more types of NFTs and internationalization support
– Supported transfer of NFTs
– Improved the transaction confirmation information on the client side to make the information more readable
– Added ESC transfer reminder to prevent users from transferring ESC’s ELA to CoinBase’s deposit address
– Improved App DID support in Developer tools according to application development needs
– Improved the problems found during the CreDA docking process
– Improved the implementation of developer tools for importing App DIDs
– Supplemented the multilingual and internationalized resources to new pages

– Added the implementation of Activate/Deactivate Vault interface for Hive Node
– Added Vault latest access time for Hive Node, and Vault/User stats in Node
– Hive Node provides the progress status data interface during Vault backup and recovery
– Implemented in JS SDK to support progress reporting during Vault back/restore and file upload/download
– Improve the handling of exception information connection between JS/Java SDK and Hive Node
– Improved the cache management of JS/Java SDK access tokens to solve the problem of boundary conditions
– Added Activate/Deactivate Vault interface in JS SDK to support Vault data migration
– When the AppContext in the JS SDK obtains the Owner DID document, it is prioritized to update and synchronize from the chain
– Optimized JS SDK test case log output
– Refer to JS SDK, updated and improved Swift SDK implementation
– Continued the development of HiveHub WebApp and implement related features such as Vault creation

– Sorted out the DHT internal functions of DHT Node and simplified the processing of get/put value
– Rectified the implementation of request/response RPC messages of DHT Node’s Ping/FindNode and other types
– Implemented DHT Node’s ErrorMessage RPC message
– Implemented Java DHT SuperNode
– Referring to Java Super Node, rectify the formatting and serialization of RPC messages of DHT Node
– Ran DHT Node overall validation tests and resolved issues found

– Continued to carry out DPoS 2.0 consensus tests for reward collection, node binding, voting, etc., and fixed the problems found. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the Elastos main chain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the Elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Investigated the feasibility of the raft consensus protocol to handle view synchronization, and made some adjustments to the view recovery process. The optimization of the view switching logic can improve the stability of the DPoS consensus in the case of high network latency.
– Evaluated the basic development content of the main chain supporting VM, and started the development work to support the VM.
– Added nodeversion in the peer message of the directly connected network and performed self-test. After supplementing the nodeversion information, the node can obtain the version information of the neighbor nodes more accurately, and use the protocol matching the version to communicate.
– The Lightning Network communication protocol is implemented using libp2p, and the basic connection can be completed, and the development of the business layer protocol will be started later.
– Continued the development of the main chain browser proposal text display function.
– Organized DPoS 2.0 consensus documents.

ESC Side Chain
– Conducted a test of the function of setting the miner’s income address. This function realizes the separation of node operation rights and income rights by setting the miner’s income address.
– Tested small and fast transfers in various situations and fixed problems found.
– Optimized ELink deployment process and documentation. ELink is a decentralized oracle network that allows other smart contracts to securely access data such as identities and credentials on the EID side chain, opening up the data link between DID identity data and dApp applications, and meeting the needs of dApps to obtain DID and credential information.

Community News

The Elastos Foundation has provided the latest monthly update on its Buyback Program to Support DPoS 2.0. Read it here: https://news.elastos.org/ela-buyback-program-to-support-dpos-2-0-monthly-update-june/

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