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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 16 July 2021


With an Elastos Essentials upgrade just around the corner, the core development teams have been busy the last two weeks.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Integrated the new UI onto the on-boarding series pages that displays the currently active Wallet Connection session on the main screen.
– Built two sets of API backends, elastos.io and trinity-tech.cn, supported automatic detection to use the best API services to ensure normal use in different network environments.
– Supported users to select the specified API backend in Settings to meet the needs of users to use Essentials through private nodes.
– Completed the integration of the UI related to the DPoS application, and supported the registration and update of DPoS nodes through Essentials.
– The DID function is fully migrated to the EID Sidechain and the new version of the DID SDK to improve the convenience and flexibility of using DID.
– Hid the presentation of the old ID Sidechain wallet, retained an asset transfer portal, and supported the transfer of assets on the old ID Sidechain back to the main chain.
– Used Hive to store personal avatars and upgraded to the latest Hive SDK.
– Improved the implementation of RPC wallet and fixed the problems found in the test.
– Tested and verified the two versions of Android/iOS, and fixed the problems found in the test.

– Released the official version 2.1.0 for DID Java/Swift/Native SDK.
– Fixed the potential problems caused by the sharing of unified object instances in different caches in Swift/Native/JavaScript SDK.
– Implemented the import and export of DID objects in JavaScript SDK.
– Fixed the problems found in the process of upgrading the DID SDK of various projects, mainly the problem of DID synchronization in the terminal device.

– Released Java Hive SDK 2.2 version and Swift SDK 2.0 version, and switched to the new EID Sidechain.
– Continued to optimize internal modules such as backup/subscription/exception in Hive Node.
– The optimized Hive Node is officially released, which is compatible with the released SDK. At the same time, two service nodes, Trinity Hive1/Hive2, are updated and deployed.
– Solved the internal problems of Hive Node regarding file upload and value creation, and re-updated the deployment test and generation environment service node.
– Improved the payment implementation mechanism in Hive and added signature information to the order.
– Referred to the latest code of the current Java SDK master branch and continued to update to implement the Swift SDK.

– Completed the development of the registration Sidechain proposal function, conducted functional tests and fixed the problems found in the test. After the function is online, the community can apply for registration of a new sidechain by submitting a proposal to CR.

EID Side Chain
– Completed WETH cross-chain function development.
– Completed the development and testing of the ESC Sidechain positive transaction.
– Researched and implemented the implementation of multi-signature cross-chain transfers. Cross-chain transactions are realized through multi-signature, which will ensure the security of cross-chain transactions.

ESC Side Chain
– Built the basic framework of L2 and started the development of related modules.
– Discussed the logic of weth to develop the cross-chain contract related to weth.

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added compilation in ubuntu, macOS and Windows environments through Github actions, and supported running unit tests.
– Added an interface for exporting the wallet ETH private key. Based on this interface, the private key can be imported into other ETH wallets, which is convenient for managing ETH account assets through multiple apps.

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