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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 17 December 2021


The Elastos Foundation announced an important plan to support the new DPoS 2.0 CR Proposal, pending it passes CR Consensus, and the core teams rolled out tons of exciting updates in the EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Wallet has completed integration with BTC and is conducting internal testing
– Wallet has completed support for ERC1155 Token
– Fixed the bug of WalletConnect request application credentials and improved the implementation of the verification process
– Support for sensitive credential types has been completed, and necessary reminders will be provided for subsequent credential publication
– Essentials now supports KYC-Me dependent calls to system functions and can run inline DApps
– Completed the first build integration of KYC-Me. IO and start internal testing
– Added KYC-me. IO to built-in dApps
– Completed the first build integration of e-lab. IO and started internal testing
– Upgraded DID SDKs to fix the failure of importing French mnemonic words
– CR Proposal dApp fixed an issue where the Proposal leader could not withdraw Proposal funds
– CR Suggestions dApp now allows you to transfer Suggestions to proposals within applications
– Completed the Developer documentation for Connectivity SDK

– Resolved DID and wallet import issues caused by unicode Normalization format for Mnenonic and Passphrase, and unified processing for all SDK versions
– Native SDK has completed jSON-LD context support
– Fixed a bug in Native SDK where DID transaction payload and ID side chain are handled
– Updated VerifiablePresentation creation time tag handling according to W3C specification
– Located the problem that DID user documents contained special characters and couldn’t be linked

– Optimized the implementation of Demo use case based on Java SDK
– Performed stress testing based on the deployed Hive Node, analyzed and dealt with exposed problems, and optimized both implementation and deployment
– Improved the implementation of the Hive node management module according to requirements
– Carried out the functional design of HiveHub WebApp
– Wrote developer documentation for Hive Swift SDK

– Developed Carrier2 data and communication encryption module

– Continued to develop DPoS 2.0 functions and completed relevant codes such as ticket exchange, vote voting, and revenue distribution
– Completed DPoS 2.0 random consensus node code development and conducted self-test
– Conducted multi-signature address voting function test
– Fixed the problem of circular dependency in unit test
– Wrote main chain developer documentation

EID Side Chain
– Modified the update logic of the Customized ID so that it cannot be updated in the deactivate state
– Added the configuration item of the maximum expiration height. When the expiration time of the Customized ID exceeds the set value, you need to re-register
– Added status check of certificate issuer and owner
– Added checking of expired certificates when issuing certificates
– Fixed the issue that the RPC interface ListCredentials failed to obtain credentials
– Fixed other problems found during the test

ESC Side Chain
– Added processing logic when the user’s payment fee exceeds the system’s specified fee rate
– Stored the tip and the transfer amount in the same data structure for cross-chain analysis and transfer
– Conducted cross-chain testing of ERC20 token and gas fee
– Wrote ESC sidechain developer documentation
– ESC browser developed to support cross-chain transactions

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added support for mnemonic words in Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Portuguese and other languages
– Completed the refactoring of the mnemonic module and add unit tests
– Solved the problem of compiling and linking boost::locale dependent library icu/iconv

Community Updates

The Elastos Foundation has announced a plan to support the initial setup process for DPoS 2.0, pending CR Consensus approval. 

Read our full statement here:


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