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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 18 December 2020


As we head into the holiday season, the core teams are getting closer to releasing several important updates. In the meantime, make sure to read the CoinDesk and Nasdaq article that featured the work Elastos is doing with the World Economic Forum around data ethics. 

Happy Holidays. 

Technical Dynamics

– Now supports restore of installed dApps through backup/restore
– Added wallet selection interface for wallet intent
– Fixed the bug where Plugin could not destroy and clean up resources under certain circumstances
– Fixed the issue that caused screen freeze when Runtime processed notification under boundary conditions
– Updated Hive SDK and DID SDK to the latest stable version
– Added payment related API on Hive plugin
– Added API to revoke current access token on Hive plugin
– Re-implemented data upload and download in scripting mode on Hive plugin
– Provided functions such as payment and order management on Hive manager
– Fixed the layout problem of Hive Manager on the iOS platform
– Hive manager now supports dark mode
– Improved the Hive demo application based on the new features of Hive plugin, add scripting-related functions, and scripting data upload and download
– Added API to get ERC token list on Wallet plugin
– Fixed random crashes caused by Activity startup timing issues on Trinity Native
– Developer mode now has an option to turn off and turn on background services
– Runtime optimization and perfection of intent processing in Trinity Native mode
– All dApps now use a complete (including protocol and domain name) intent URL
– Improved the Trinity Native application building tool

– Released v1.2 version for Java SDK
– Supported publishing/updating customized DID features on Java SDK
– Designed and implemented the mechanism for customized DID change holders on Java SDK
– DID documents now support multiple controller mechanisms and multi-signature support on Java SDK
– Added general tools to support the verification of DID Document / Verifiable Credential / Verifiable Presentation / JWT token on Java SDK
– Implemented certificate winding and revocation, and added test case verification simultaneously on Native SDK
– Supported multi-signature for DID documents on Native SDK
– Implemented the “ticket + signature” mechanism when changing Controller on Native SDK
– Refined the error categories and improved the error information when parsing JWT token internally on Java SDK
– Updated v1.4 version of SDK framework to support bitcode feature on Swift SDK

– Released internal test version alpha-v2.0.12/alpha-v2.0.13 for upper application testing for Java SDK
– Released internal test version alpha-v1.0.8/1.0.9 of Hive Node and deployed to test nodes synchronously
– Released an internal test version of Swift SDK for upper-level application test verification
– Java SDK’s Scripting API updated, using streaming method to upload/download file data
– Fixed internal improper usage of the CompletableFuture interface, and all related calls adopt asynchronous mode on Java SDK
– Solved the problem of multi-thread reentry when requesting user authorization during sign-in on Java SDK
– Java SDK test cases are now optimized to drive test case verification operation through configuration mode
– Internal optimization and bug fixes in Java SDK
– Swift SDK’s Scripting API updated, using streaming method to upload/download file data
– Added internal test case verification and internal problem fixes on Swift SDK
– Updated project settings, supported bitcode, and released the SDK framework as source code to facilitate elastOS development and debugging on Swift SDK
– Implemented vault data backup authentication process on Hive node
– Implemented the payment function for backup services on Hive node
– Implemented vault data backup and restore functions on Hive node
– Fixed problems found during front-end development and payment on Hive node
– Updated nginx server configuration to support HTTP request keep-alive feature on Hive node

– Optimized the internal msgId generation mechanism of Native SDK when sending messages, simplified the message receipt mechanism, and performed test verification
– Corrected the export header file/interface name prefix of Native SDK (changed from ela_xxx to carrier_xxx)
– Based on the latest Native SDK code, synchronously updated the Android SDK reference implementation code
– Based on the latest Native interface, updated the API reference code modification in apps in the Native SDK
– Solved the symlink problem and test case running of Native SDK on windows platform
– Based on the latest Native SDK code, synchronously updated the Swift SDK implementation code
– Checked and fixed the internal memory leak of Native SDK
– Implemented Managed Group features

Main chain
– Discussed and adjusted the design plan of “main chain consensus degenerate to AuxPOW”
– Added relevant logic to trigger the main chain consensus degradation
– Adjusted the coinbase revenue after the main chain consensus has degraded
– Added multi-signature transactions to restore DPOS consensus
– Adjusted the block rollback function
– Fixed known issues

DID Sidechain
– Continued to add DID transaction test cases
– Fixed known issues

ETH Side Chain
– Solved the problem of different curves between main chain accounts and ETH sidechain accounts by mapping on the ETH side chain
– ETH sidechain nodes can now correctly perceive the supernodes of the main chain through SPV, and establish a direct network with other ETH sidechain nodes

Elastos Wallet
– Added verification of original Hash and size limit
– Adopted base64 as the encoding method for the full text of the proposal
– Refactored the database storage module to optimize query methods
– Fixed the problem of creating DID transaction deadlock
– Fixed the issue that some token transactions could not be synchronized

Community News

Elastos was interviewed along with Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum for a piece in Coindesk:

CoinDesk: https://www.coindesk.com/wef-data-governance-framework
Nasdaq: https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/world-economic-forum-wants-to-standardize-ethical-data-collection-2020-12-10

Useful links:


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