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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 18 June 2021


The new Elastos Foundation website went live, offering developers and non-developers alike everything needed to get started in Web3, and with DID 2.0’s release scheduled to go live soon and lots of updates for Elastos Essentials, there are tons of developments in this edition.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Simplified the on-boarding process for new users to use Essentials for the first time, and achieved the user experience of comparable products. The simplified process guarantees security while reducing the learning cost of new users for the first use of Essentials, which is conducive to attracting more users to Elastos.
– New on-boarding screens added for the docking of DID 2.0. After the new ID Sidechain is released, it will support the new ID Sidechain and DID 2.0 related functions
– Supported the backup of Essentials’ digital identities/assets by printing mnemonic words directly from the mobile phone. This method simplifies the way of backing up the mnemonic words, and can effectively reduce the risk of the user’s asset loss caused by incorrectly backing up the mnemonic words.
– The wallet now supports synchronized event notifications in RPC mode, and improves the strategy for obtaining transaction lists, the display interface for ID Sidechain transaction details, and the UTXO selection strategy for transfer transactions. This version of the wallet uses API to update the wallet data, and through the above optimizations, the working efficiency of the wallet is improved, and the smoothness of the user’s use is ensured.
– The wallet now supports various voting transaction API interfaces, and work in developing CR proposal related functions is ongoing.
– The internal DID implementation of Essentials Connector has been switched to DID JavaScript SDK, and DID related functions have been expanded on the WalletConnect protocol. WalletConnect is an important open source protocol. Based on this protocol, a secure and reliable communication channel can be established between wallets and dApps and other Web3 Apps to meet the needs of users for safe and efficient interaction with dApps through wallets.
– Essentials Connector added two intents, DID signature and import credential, to further enrich the related functions of DID.
– Improved the stability of Wallet connect, and deployed its own WalletConnect Proxy service for the development and verification of related functions.
– Google Play and Apple Store have passed the application for the Elastos Essentials functional verification version. After the application is approved, it will greatly shorten the shelf time of the official version of Elastos Essentials. After the official version is completed, Elastos Essentials will be directly available on Google Play and Apple Store. Users can download and install the latest version of Elastos Essentials for the first time, and get a better experience in terms of fluency, security, ease of use, etc. .

– Continued to develop the DID SDK to meet the needs of multiple development platforms to integrate DID functions.
– Updated the internal dependency library of Swift DID SDK, improved the SDK release project, and supported simultaneous iOS real machine and simulator development environment. Meet the needs of developers to develop DID applications for iOS devices.
– Added several interface methods in Java SDK according to JavaScript SDK.
– Completed the development and testing of the main line in Javascript SDK, and completed the development of other functions except the import/export of DID Store.

– Continued to optimize the implementation of Hive SDK and Hive Node to meet the requirements of upper-level applications to integrate Hive storage capabilities.
– Updated the implementation code of Database and Data Backup based on the Restful API interface specification in Hive Node
– Optimized the internal code of the Java SDK and standardize internal exception handling.

– Released Arbiter v0.2.3 and DID 0.3.1. The new version of Arbiter supports side-chain and cross-chain consensus by nodes participating in the DPoS consensus of the main chain, further improving the openness and stability of the Elastos network.
– Continued to carry out the functional test of data transfer between the main chain and the Smart Contract Chain through deposit and withdrawal transactions. This function fills the gap in the data transfer function between main and sidechains, satisfies the need for cross-chain data acquisition, and can further enrich the use scenarios of sidechain applications.

DID Side Chain
– Discussed the new ID Sidechain online plan. The plan clarifies the specific process of the preparation, release and online production environment of the new ID Sidechain before release. The completion of this plan indicates the completion of another important preparatory work for the launch of the new ID Sidechain. The new ID Sidechain will be released as planned in the near future.
– Carried out DID data migration test and fixed the problems found during the test. After multiple rounds of DID data migration tests, many optimizations and improvements have been made to the DID data migration tool to ensure that the DID data migration work can proceed as planned after the new ID Sidechain is online, and the DID data on the chain can be smoothly migrated to the new ID Sidechain.
– Supplemented abnormal test cases for the new ID Sidechain, and fixed the problems found during the test.
– Develop a new ID Sidechain browser, which will be released after the new ID Sidechain goes online.

Smart Contract Chain (ESC)
– Fixed an issue where partial withdrawal transactions on the ESC were failing. This problem caused some users to fail to withdraw coins from the ESC to the main chain. Currently, the bug has been fixed, and all withdrawal transactions affected by this bug have returned to normal.
– Completed the L2 basic design plan, sorted out related module development tasks and development time. The team will start the development of related functions according to the plan.

Elastos Wallet
– Removed the ESC synchronization function related code in Wallet SDK, created a transaction interface and added the nonce parameter; supported adding other ETH environments through input parameters. Through the above modifications, the Wallet SDK has optimized the interaction logic with the ESC, which can better support the Elastos Essentials wallet developed by API to connect to the ESC and other ETH environments.
– Released ELA Wallet Android v1.4.9.2, fixing known bugs.

Community News

The new Elastos.org website is live, and is the perfect resource for all things Web3. 

Elastos makes all the tools for developers to build a truly decentralized web, is a WEF Global Innovator, and is dedicated to a world where users own and control their data.

The new Elastos DID Sidechain provides a superior user experience with shorter block times resulting in a dramatically faster DID creation process. This massive upgrade is essential because DIDs unlock Web3.


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