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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 18 November 2022


Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Supported to open blockchain explorer from transaction details
– Supported Kava network
– Fixed several bugs related to Telos/Cronos/IoTex network
– Added support to speed up operations on transactions
– Supported DPoS 2.0 voting using multi-signature accounts
– When using the swap application for currency exchange operations, if the slippage is greater than 5%, an active warning will be provided to the user
– Improved home screen layout
– Improved in-app browser integration and supported for third-party applications
– Connectivity SDK supported storage sandbox and cleaned up obsolete APIs
– Updated the Feeds SDK and improved the implementation of Feeds integration
– Updated and improved the integration with Hive
– By default, data synchronization of Hive is disabled, and it is enabled only after asking for the user’s consent
– Started the integration test verification of DPos 2.0 related applications and features, and fixed related problems
– Started the integration test verification of DPos 2.0 related applications and features, and fixed related problems
– Upgraded the core dependency library of the Essentials project
– Fixed several identity and in-app browser bugs

– Release v2.9.5 version, which optimized the dependency package of JS SDK and reduced the size of JS SDK release package
– Refer to the modified content of the JS SDK and simultaneously develop the unrealized feature interfaces in the Swift SDK
– The Hive Node database service module is prohibited from operating the collection table used by internal management through the interface
– Optimized the function of enabling encrypted files in the JS SDK and the implementation of the Database service
– Optimized the exception module in JS SDK
– Optimized the management method of anonymously shared files and adopted a unified scripting script processing method
– Solved the problem of HiveHub webApp interface browser adaptation display
– Updated the Hive Node registration contract of the HiveHub App in the testnet environment
– Deployed the Hive Node registration contract of HiveHub on the mainnet environment
– Officially deployed the HiveHub webApp to the production environment and conducted internal verification before the release

– Optimized the Java implementation of the DHT lookup process, including the processing of candidates, lookup termination conditions, etc., and fixed several bugs
– Conducted a systematic review of the implementation of Native node, and clarified the follow-up adjustment plan
– Refer to the implementation of Java DHT to adjust the implementation of Native DHT, first adjust the basic data type

– Updated CR and DPoS 2.0 development for Schnorr multi-signature support, and fixed bugs found in testing.
– Continued with DPoS 2.0 consensus testing and fixing issues found during testing. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the elastos main chain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Carried out the functional development of the ELA mint pledged on the main chain as an asset on the ESC chain, adjusted the BloomFilter protocol of the main chain, and supported the completion of transaction push according to the transaction type; completed the functional development of the NFT destruction process of the main chain, and start unit testing. This function can improve the utilization rate of pledged ELA in the DPoS 2.0 consensus, increase the assets on the ESC chain, and enrich the diversity of elastos asset applications.
– The main chain browser has completed the development of the ranking page function. After this function is launched, you can view the ranking of all addresses through the leaderboard.

ESC Side Chain
– Wrote the fee documentation and setup scripts of ELink. ELink is a decentralized oracle network that allows other smart contracts to securely access identities, credentials and other data on the EID side chain, and open up the data link between DID identity data and dApp applications to meet the needs of dApps to obtain DID and credential information.

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