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Weekly Updates|14 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 19 July 2019


While founders Rong Chen and Feng Han both spoke at events in China, the last two weeks have brought significant progress for the core teams, including adding ETH Sidechain to Private Net, preparing for the upcoming launch of Elastos Academy, and the current participation at a major hackathon in Beijing.

Elastos is also pleased to announce that later this year, we will be hosting booths at both Consensus Asia in Singapore and the AI and Blockchain Summit in Malta. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– Added an epk check command line tool for development and testing;
– Implementing Wallet (under development) based on new UI;
– Based on the shunit2 tool, implement test cases for epk signatures and join CI;
– Plugin for realizing Hive storage (under development);

– Hive Java SDK:
* Improved API interface and implementation according to problems in the implementation process;
* Now supports compiling and running on Android/standard Java platforms;
* Added Java API interface annotations to implement API interface documentation;
* Improved the ReadMe document, mainly added instructions for using the API interface;

– Hive Swift SDK:
* Improved API interface and implementation according to problems in the implementation process;
* Supplement Swift API interface documentation comments to support interface document generation;
* Updated the README document, mainly adding instructions for using the API interface;
* Optimized supplemental interface test cases;
* Hive Swift SDK can Now support iOS/MacOS platforms;
* Added CI verification for MacOS platform

– Hive Native SDK:
* Streamlined Hive Native Repositories, removed unnecessary dependencies and resources and files needed for Android/iOS cross-compilation;
* Added Hive Demo App to demonstrate the functions supported by the Hive SDK through command line application, and guide users how to use the interface;
* Supplement the necessary log output to aid problem analysis and location;
* Documentation for the Supplemental Interface API;
* Updated the Readme document of the Hive Native repository with reference to the Carrier Native repository Readme documentation;
* Started adding Hive API test cases;
* Hive Native Warehouse currently supports MacOS/Linux/Windows (32-bit/64-bit) CI process

– DID Java version of DIDStore development is completed, and the implementation of the chain docking has started;
– DID Native version of DIDStore is under development;

– Continued to strengthen test case validation for offline messaging features;
– Corrected some hyperlink location errors in the Readme document;
– Because offline message test cases run longer, API test adds parameters to select whether to run offline message use cases;
– Added CI verification based on MacOS platform for Carrier Swift SDK (originally only supported for CI verification on iOS platform);

Main Chain
– CR01 Milestone Sprint02 completed, completed CRC commission registration and voting related functions;
– Sprint03 has started to handle some optimization, productization and internal quality enhancement work;

Ethereum Compatible Sidechain
– The test group begins to prepare for the ETH SIDECHAIN pre-line test;
– Tested trading pool exceptions, modified cross-chain recharge to overflow the trading pool, added iterators to handle start-aware spv transactions;
– Determined the processing scheme when the new node is added to load a large number of mainline recharge transactions, causing the local transaction pool to be too large: first store these transactions persistently, and then process them one by one after the synchronization is completed;
– New geth recharge cash withdrawal feature, as well as oracle interface test, add bulk trading stress test;
– Conducted the local private chain TPS test, the current test result is about 400 transactions per second;
– Research desktop wallet that can be used in Ethereum compatible sidechains;
– Improved hackathon marathon Ethereum related documents and use several wallets to try to call the contract.

Private Net
– Latest update is available at https://github.com/cyber-republic/elastos-privnet/tree/dev
– Ethereum Sidechain has been added to Private Net on “dev” branch so you can start testing with it on Private Net in addition to it being available on Testnet. Private Net will give developers more flexibility in developing ETH smart contracts
– Docker environment has been revamped so it is now more lightweight and does not take as many resources as before
– Documentation has also been updated with README file on the above link
– New docker images have been built for Main Chain, DID Sidechain, Token Sidechain, ETH Sidechain, Wallet Service, Sidechain Service, Misc. API Service and are available on https://hub.docker.com/u/cyberrepublic
– NEO Sidechain will be added to Private Net in the future
– Preparing for Private Net release v0.4 that includes all of the above changes and more

DX Team Update:

– Ongoing support for adding voting functionality to Ledger desktop wallet (under development by community member Coranos).
– Started testing promotional tactics on Quora.
– DID Spotlight Series under review and diagrams in design phase.
– Built DID Auth sample app.
– Completed DID demo using Laravel.
– Filmed and began editing Elastos use case video.
– Ongoing development of elastos.academy
– Ongoing support of Developer Portal build.

Cyber Republic

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/07/15/biweekly-report-jul-15-2019/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

July 7

Rong Chen attended the 2nd Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference in Shanghai where he shared his thoughts regarding DApps. Rong spoke on how Web 3.0 combined with blockchain technology is the path to data privacy and ownership as a new economic model for the Internet.

July 11

Feng Han participated on a panel discussion for China Public Chain and discussed the topics of public chains and Elastos.

July 14

Feng Han attended the 2019 Global Blockchain Ecosystem Conference hosted by Brock Finance and Block Global. Feng participated in roundtable talks on tech giants entering the space and the Libra project. 


DoraHacks “The 4th Industrial Revolution” Hackathon

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Hackathon is held at the Chaoyang Art Museum in Beijing. The Hackathon is hosted by DoraHacks, one of the most active hacker organizations in the world. In the past five years, DoraHacks has teamed up with more than 600 partners to set up technology events in 15 cities of 8 countries, including more than 3,000 projects and 300,000 developers.

The hackathon will be categorized into Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Communication in the Future, Blockchain and other tracks which show a variety of representative technologies for “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

As an industry representative, Elastos also hosted the track competition. On this Hackathon, developers exchange ideas, discuss cutting-edge science and technology, and also provide technical guidance to online developers.

Other participants include: Microsoft Accelerator, Bosch, Weizhong Bank, Shangtang Technology, Ant Financial, COFCO Coke, China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute, Bespin, Binance, NEO, Gaohe HiWork, Xingchuang Expressway, Huaneng Trust, Tianyi Research Institute, Changting Technology, Huo Dong Xing, Linkage Element, Planet Daily, Fast Company, SegmentFault, Tsinghua x- Lab, YSI China, APEC Future Voice, and other leading industries, media, universities and nonprofit organizations.

Elastos’ competition will cover the following areas:

Match 1: Run Smart Contracts on the Elastos ETH Side Chain
Match 2: Use ELA DID as User Identity
Match 3: Use ELA DID Chain for Data Deposit
Match 4: Pay with ELA
Match 5: Perform Communication on Elastos Carrier
Match 6: Signing Authorization and Document Issuance using ELA DID as the User Identity

Click Here for more information

Day 1 Highlights


Singapore – September 11 – 12

Elastos will be exhibiting with a booth at Consensus Asia 2019.

“CoinDesk is thrilled to be returning as a partner to TechXLR8 Asia by co-locating Consensus: Asia with 5G Asia, IoT World Asia, NV&SDN, the AI Summit and Project Kairos Asia September 11-12, 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. With a dynamic expo floor, taking CoinDesk Live on the road and enhanced networking opportunities, Consensus: Asia will further explore the relationship between connected innovations and blockchain technology and crypto assets.”

For more information: https://www.coindesk.com/events/asia-2019

Malta – Nov 07 – 08

Elastos will be exhibiting with a booth at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit in November.

“The Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit has secured its place on the global tech calendar as the premier platform for companies to exhibit, network and engage in debate. More than 14,000 exhibitors, investors, suppliers, and thought leaders have come together, forged new partnerships, and sealed lucrative business deals.

The third edition of the summit takes place on 7 to 8 Nov 2019, offering more networking, more high quality content, and more business opportunities. 

The AIBC Summit offers additional opportunities through a number of global satellite events and networking dinners, as well as producing a bi-annual publication and news site packed full of in-depth interviews and articles, bringing brand exposure and visibility to companies looking for a place to show the world what they do best. The variety of content offerings also provide a launch-pad for thought leaders keen to be a part of the conversation in this fast-paced industry.”

For more information: https://maltablockchainsummit.com/


Useful links:

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

Developer Portal in Cyber Republic

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