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Weekly Updates|9 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 19 June 2020


With CR Elections over and our first CR Council elected, the community is now in control of the greater Elastos ecosystem more than ever before.

If you are a developer, don’t miss the virtual webinar on June 25th hosted by the Tuum Technologies Team. 

Now, with tons of technical updates by the Founding Teams, let’s recap.


Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Released Android 1.2 version
– Password Manager now disables fingerprint after modifying master password
– Password Manager now automatically locks the master key after the current session is invalid
– Improved DID Session and user experience
– Integrated DID dApp and DID Session data to facilitate management and update of global DID in DID dApp
– Applied new UI/UX on DID dApp and improved experience and fixed bugs found in some tests
– Added avatar support for DID dApp
– Optimized and adjusted for the “static” packaging mode of the iOS platform, disabled dApp download and dApp hot update in the static packaging mode
– Improved notifications and news
– Adjusted the functional layout of Launcher and Settings
– Updated Contact dApp to better support cross-application calling
– Imported updated laucher design to reserve more available screen space for users
– Rewrote the application description of Trinity in iOS AppStore to prepare for the release of iOS version
– Integrated Carrier Swift SDK-v5.6.0 version in elastOS Carrier Plugin for iOS, and verified the functioning of the newly added javascript interface on the iOS platform
– Supported sending of binary data blocks in Javascript interface of Carrier Plugin
– Fingerprint plugin now isolates data related to different DIDs through sandbox
– Runtime further strengthens dApp’s sandbox
– Optimized the interface transition process
– Implementation of reusing H5 version for iOS wallet
– Tested and verified the iOS version and fixed the related problem in the list
– Improved the boarding page of iOS version
– Maintenance updates with built-in dApps
– Improved multi-language support

– Handled mnemonic errors caused by inconsistencies in multilingual Unicode normalize form
– Improved the internal implementation of HDKey in Java SDK and supported subkeys derived from DID keys for other needs
– The solution to delete the txid dependency is determined, the Native SDK has been updated and verified, and Java and Swift will be modified later
– Optimized the implementation and storage of DID related metadata in Java SDK
– In response to Trinity’s needs, supported the creation of verifiable expression documents without credentials
– Fixed some bugs found in testing and application development

– Designed and discussed Hive++ docking authorization and access control model
– According to the interface document provided by the Hive++ service, started to upload files to the Hive++ storage service node by HiveSDK
– Implemented DID login to the backend Hive++ service node in Hive SDK
– Sign-in authentication process based on front-end DID identity for Hive++ services
– Evaluated the implementation of Python C-binding and started to implement the Python DID interface based on the DID Native SDK

– Released Carrier Swift SDK-v5.6.0 version
– Implemented and verified the SendMessageWithReceipt() interface in Swift SDK
– Optimized the SendFriendMessage compatible interface, which can solve the boundary scenario where the peer Friend is in the online->offline switch when sending a message
– Implemented support in Carrier Android/Swift/Native SDK where Carrier nodeid is generated by the upper application to input a predefined Secret Key
– Implemented and optimized the extension module based on the Carrier Swift SDK Extension to support the end-to-end SDP interaction of the WebRTC iOS SDK
– In order to solve the problem that the UI thread is blocked by calling the Filetransfer::writeData() interface in the elastOS application, the synchronous call on the Native Platform (Android/Swift) in the Carrier Plugin is modified to be an asynchronous call.
– Started to implement WebRTC iOS SDK version
– Upgraded Carrier Native SDK dependent library flatcc to 0.6.0 to solve the compilation problem that occurred when using gcc-9 and above compilers in Linux environment
– Solved the problem of Carrier Native SDK’s memory leakage caused by internal modules referencing each other
– Assisted the community development team to optimize and improve the UI presentation of the front-end Feeds dApp
– Assisted the community development team to complete the conversion of the back-end Feeds Service from the original jsonRPC data exchange format to the msgpack data exchange format that supports binary data
– The community development team started to jointly debug the function process of Feeds dApp and back-end service

– Continued to discuss the implementation plan of CR members running DPOS nodes and completed the development of related transaction modules
– p2p version message added node version information
– Completed the development of the automatic creation proposal withdrawal transaction module
– Discussed the scheme of sensing CR and DPoS status through SPV
– Completed the development of CR related functions in the blockchain browser and has been prepared for the upcoming release
– Named the fields according to the CR white paper
– Fixed the problem of some trading residual mem pools and carried out related testing work

ETH Side Chain
– Optimized the process of creating a connection on a directly connected network
– Use block pool to complete preBlock verification
– Solved the problem of unsuccessful connection caused by no mine or bootnode in the startup parameters
– Solved the problem that mine stop does not take effect in consensus
– Solved the problem of no blocks due to inconsistent switching between different nodes during the switching consensus process

DID Side Chain
– Released v0.1.5 version

Elastos Wallet
– Released Android v1.4.3.1 and iOS v1.4.3
– Supported generating raw transaction through command line in SPV SDK
– Completed the development of wallet resynchronization function in SPV SDK
– Continued to develop the ETH-Sidechain synchronization module in SPV SDK
– Fixed bugs found in internal testing

DID Node Upgrade: Version 0.1.5
This version improves the verification rules for registering a DID. It is recommended that all DPoS nodes complete the upgrade as soon as possible.

GitHub Release Note:

Tuum Team Update

* Launched webinar campaign that has increased the current developer mailing list to 3800+ members
* New webinar coming 25 June on How to Add Decentralized ID Login to Any App – sign up here: https://try.elastos.org/webinar-did-login-apps/
* Finalized elastOS launcher screens and design updates to be implemented in the coming weeks.
* Finalizing design and development for elastos.info website
* Assist dApp for elastOS nearly ready for MVP release
* Vouch dApp for elastOS nearly ready for MVP release
* Supported Hyper elastOS dApp release and now monitoring for pain points and strategic planning for Q3
* Academy dApp working through final bugs and limitations before lobby chat feature is added
* Sent bi-weekly newsletter highlighting elastOS v1.2.0, Academy dApp v1.7.1, CR DAO inaugural election, and Hyper release with accompanied technical update video
Watch KP break down the Bi-weekly technical dynamics in the latest Developer update:

Cyber Republic

The Cyber Republic Elections have ended– congratulations to the winners of the first CR Council Election! Thank you to everyone who ran for a seat and everyone who voted. Our community is now more decentralized than ever. To make suggestions and follow proposals go to cyberrepublic.org.

Community News

Hyper Messenger is now available on elastOS! Please note that the native versions of the messenger will be updated in the next few days, file sharing between elastOS and native versions will not work until the update. File sharing between elastOS users is already possible.


June 25 – Virtual 

Block off 25 June on your calendar – we’re bringing you the webinar experience: How to Add Decentralized ID Login to any App. Learn just how easy it is using Elastos technology. Here’s where you go to sign up: https://try.elastos.org/webinar-did-login-apps/


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