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Weekly Updates|5 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 19 November 2021


There were several updates and upgrades from the core development teams in the last two weeks, including a new version of Essentials and integration of the Telos EVM, Elk Finance, and tin.network to the Super-Wallet app.

There were also new versions of Hive, and upgrades to the main chain, Elastos Smart Contract Chain and ID Sidechain.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released v2.3.4 for Android and iOS platforms. This upgrade added an assets overview screen that summarizes your wallet assets for all networks and all wallets on one screen, as well as several other fixes.
– Added Telos and other network.
– Added tin.network’s API integration. In order to reduce the frequency of calling third-party paid APIs, a back-end API gateway was implemented
– Added integration of dApps such as Elk Finance, raven.moe, etc.
– Fixed the bug of in-app browser event handling to improve the user’s interactive experience
– Improved the CR Proposal application, and continued to develop related functions such as the full text of the proposal on the chain
– Improved CR Council application and fixed some bugs
– Improved the function of CR Community Voting application and provided an open web front-end and admin front-end application
– Improved integration with Glide Finance
– Improved Essentials in response to the suggestions and bugs accumulated in the community recently

– Published the standard contexts defined by Elastos DID to ns.elastos.org
– Implemented the PoC of the web tool defined by the voucher type, which is convenient for developers to define their own voucher types
– To support internal development needs, the JSON-LD command line tool added local contexts to URI mapping
– Java SDK added W3C DID specification compatible JSON-LD context support, and added global options to enable or disable this Feature
– Java SDK added test data containing JSON-LD context and improved test cases to cover the features of JSON-LD
– Fixed the bug on Javascript SDK where the implementation of the interactive key with JWT could not support the browser
– Fixed several bugs on Swift SDK found in application development
– Wrote the developer documentation of the DID SDK, and completed the SDK documentation content in 4 languages including Java, Native, JavaScript, Swift, etc.

– Implemented the Hive Node V1 version of the file module based on the IPFS Node method, unified the back-end implementation of the two versions of V1/V2
– Released Hive Node v2.4.1 version
– Optimized database content transformation and deployment scripts during Hive Node upgrade
– Completed the latest version v2.4.1 upgrade of the three Hive nodes deployed by trinity-tech
– Optimized the Java SDK based on the latest version of Hive Node, and released v2.4.1
– Implemented a demo application based on the Java SDK
– Wrote Hive developer documentation

– Due to the migration of the Carrier bootstrap service node, updated the Carrier SDK configuration and verified all newly deployed bootstrap nodes

– Released the Arbiter node v0.3.0 version, which supports functions such as cross-chain small fast recharge and cross-chain data transmission.
– Continued to refactor the transaction check code
– Developed DPoS 2.0 pledge voting related logic
– Tested the logic of DPoS 2.0 voting, consensus and random block generation, and fixed related bugs

EID Sidechain
– Released EID v0.1.3.2, supported cross-chain small fast recharge and other functions
– Adjusted the public key usage strategy in DID documents and added corresponding test cases
– Added the @content field to the DID document and added corresponding test cases
– Wrote EID sidechain related documents
– Fixed other problems found during the test

ESC Sidechain
– Released ESC v0.1.4.1 version, fixed the problem of loss of oracle precision
– Fixed the issue in the ESC sidechain consensus after the main chain consensus was degraded
– Continued to perform layer2 related tests
– Investigated and tested the implementation method of Gnosis multi-signature contract
– Continued to write ESC sidechain related documents

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Supported the import and export of ETH private key
– Development of proposal related functions such as registered sidechain and customized ID
– Modified the unit test and performed the corresponding test of the command line wallet


Community Updates

The Trinity Tech team has successfully completed and released a major update for Hive nodes. Read here: https://news.elastos.org/trinity-tech-releases-hive-node-upgrade-v2-4-1/

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