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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 20 December 2019


This week Rong Chen was a guest on Anthony Pompliano’s Off The Chain Podcast where he discussed his career, merge-mining with BTC, why the internet is still not capitalistic, and how the Smartweb will actually empower and protect its users. You can listen or watch at the links provided below.

Also this week, the Cyber Republic Interim Council released an announcement regarding the upcoming CRC elections.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

ElastOS Browser (Trinity)
– Completed the main feature of DPoS Voting dApp development
– Design of dApp Store for year-end UI
– Development of DID dApp. DID and credentials can be created through DID dApp, and the management of personal identity is achieved
– Updated DID plugin
– Development of Hive Plugin for Android platform
– Added and improved documentation for Trinity plugin

– Updated Elastos DID method specification
– According to the new version of the Elastos DID specification, completed the modification of the Java SDK implementation and open sourced it, and started to modify the Native SDK and Swift SDK simultaneously
– Added LRU Cache in Java SDK DIDStore to improve access performance
– Improved the validity verification mechanism and interface of DID documents and credentials for Java SDK , updated and supplemented test cases, and basically implemented the main interface coverage

– Improved the interface of the latest version of Hive Java SDK
– Added test cases for Hive Java SDK

– Development of Feeds background service, already has the most basic publish / subscribe topic message function
– Design of the first version of UI / UX for Trinity-based dApp Feeds applications and wrote corresponding dApp
– Started the development of Carrier-based WebRTC SDK

– v0.4.0 is released which supports registration of CR members and voting
– Added functional status tests to the test framework such as general election status and CR related addresses, covering proposal withdrawal

Elastos Wallet
– Added CR cache function to SDK to find CR related information
– JNI interface for tracking transactions
– Tested new version and fixed found bugs

ELA Supernode Upgrade: Version v0.4.0

This upgrade comes with the following features:

1. Support for registration for the CR Election on the main chain
2. Support for voting in the CR Election on the main chain

It is recommended that DPoS Supernodes complete this version of the node upgrade before block height 537670 (expected Dec. 23, 2019 Beijing time), or else the node will not be synchronized.

The Release Note can be found at https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.ELA/blob/master/docs/release-notes/release-notes-0.4.0.md

Cyber Republic

The Inaugural round of Cyber Republic Council Elections is about to commence. Read the full announcement to learn how to get involved in the formation of Elastos’ community governance: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/12/20/cyber-republic-council-elections-commence/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

Rong Chen appeared on Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain podcast. It is available to listen on all of these platforms:

YouTube | youtu.be/sVzJxld8VZc
Apple | apple.co/2M1EzO4
Spotify | spoti.fi/2PWdm0a
Google | bit.ly/2sDVCPq

– On August 8th 2019, the Elastos Main Net experienced a “pause” at block height 439,668. At the time of this incident, a brief summary was published to explain the cause of the issue. This article serves as a comprehensive attempt at analyzing the root causes behind the blockchain pause. Read more here: https://news.elastos.org/blockchain-pause-in-review/

December 04

Feng Han attended and gave a presentation titled “”Wealth is not something tangible–it is a global credit consensus,” at The Global Digital Economy Community Ecosystem Summit hosted by Shilian Financial in Shenzhen. 

In his speech, Feng Han discussed that the basic agreement between decentralized consumers and investors is based on market forces that distribute benefits equally and allow items of equal value to be traded. He also forecasted that digital economy reform will drive a large increase in transactions and economic activity will undergo a transformation in which its core will change from industry accounts to personal accounts.

December 07

Feng Han gave a presentation on blockchain and Elastos to students at Sichuan University.

December 10

Elephant Team Leader, Shijun Song participated in the Beihai Municipal Training on the Promotion of System Blockchain Technology Development through Investment by sharing his knowledge about the blockchain industry.

December 12

The China Nationwide Survey and Design Industry Informatization Conference and the 2019 Annual China Nationwide Survey and Design Association Informatization Promotion Work Committee Conference convened in Guangzhou City in the province of Guangzhou, China. Elephant Team Leader Shijun Song accepted an invitation to participate in the conference where he give a speech and discussed the application direction and development outlook for blockchain technology. He also introduced Elastos and blockchain technology and explained how they can influence traditional industries like e-commerce, resulting in a decentralized e-commerce platform like Elastos DMA, currently being constructed by the Elastos community. 

December 14

The “IN-Chain Global Blockchain Summit” was successfully held in Beijing Shangrila under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Informatization and hosted by Interchain Pulse, in cooperation with the Institute of Digital Assets and China Blockchain Evaluation Alliance.

At the conference, the well-known media outlet Interchain Pulse published the “2019 Top Ten Public Blockchains – List of Cutting Edge Blockchains.” Elastos received the award for “China’s Top Ten Blockchain Technology Teams.”

December 17

Feng Han spoke about the Quantum Ontology in Seoul, Korea at the Global Blockchain Leaders Summit. 

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