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Weekly Updates|8 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 20 November 2020


The Elastos Foundation was honored this week when the World Economic Forum invited us to be part of their Global Innovators Community. As we continue building the tools for the next internet, we are excited to join so many prestigious names across industry as we shape the world together. 

Technical Dynamics

– Added deep linking support where the URL of deep linking adopts elastos.net
– Improved the interface implementation of DID Plugin according to application requirements
– Added filda/tokeswap to the built-in list of Wallet
– Improved the design and implementation of Wallet based on Hive to synchronize SPV data
– Improved the design of the Wallet mnemonic input page based on feedback
– Wallet background synchronization service now tries to automatically resume the synchronization process after encountering an error
– Wallet now supports obtaining ETH smart contract transaction type and other detailed information
– Optimized the UI/UX of Wallet, fixed some bugs, and provided some more convenient user experience
– Support to restore installed applications via backup/restore
– Hive Manager now supports setting personal Vault intents
– Modified the prompt and related processing when Hive Manager switches Vault provider
– Hive Manager now supports manual input of node addresses in development mode
– Developer dApp now supports publishing dApp application packages to Hive Vault
– Trinity CLI now supports device selection when multiple development devices are connected
– Trinity CLI now supports the option to delete application data before running dApp
– Trinity CLI now supports packaging dApps as native standalone applications
– Packaged and tested the Feeds dApp as a native app through Trinity Native
– Adjusted the processing mode of UI components such as title bar for Trinity Native to adapt to the user experience of native applications
– Improved the implementation of Trinity Native, fixed bugs in testing and application
– Continued to develop Trinity Desktop
– Added a document about application backup/restore through Hive on the developer portal

– Implemented custom DID and supported for multiple controllers on Native SDK
– Added test cases for DID short name and multiple Controller functions
– Discussed the new interface of DID sidechain

– Fixed the issue that Hive Node DID authentication crashed under abnormal request data
– Supplemented the test case of Hive Node when multiple access tokens logged in to the same vault service
– Optimized the Vault Pricing plan of the back-end Hive Node, and deployed test nodes for front-end SDK development and verification
– Fixed the inconsistency between the Hive Node Payment RPC interface and the document description
– Implemented the feature that Hive Node synchronizes and backs up Vault data to a remote personal cloud disk (currently supporting Google Drive), and has been added to test cases for verification
– Solved the problem that the updateMany interface call in Hive Node Database did not return data as expected
– Designed the scheme for capturing and outputting operation log and exception stack information of planHive Node
– Implemented API interface for Pricing Plan selection and payment on Java SDK
– Added payment interface test cases for verification on Java SDK
– Implemented the feature of downloading and uploading files using Scripting mode in cross-application context on Java SDK
– Added basic scripting logic for files, including file information, attributes, hash information, etc.
– Improved the Java SDK Auth authentication process and fixed some internal authentication issues
– Optimized and fixed detailed problems found in other modules in the Java SDK
– Added test cases for cross-application context situations in Java SDK Scripting
– Released internal test version alpha-v2.0.5 for Java SDK
– Optimized the Swift SDK Auth authentication process, removed unnecessary code implementations left over from previous versions
– Added and modified test cases, and made warehouse CI work normally on Swift SDK
– Fixed bugs found in development and testing on Swift SDK
– Implemented the functions of Hive Plugin about Swift
– Provided technical support for Hyper IM

– Located and solved the occasional problem of unsuccessful establishment of Carrier Steam sessions, and updated the configuration of Boostrap service
– Implemented the Carrier Extension module interface for internal Sesson/WebRTC upper module use
– Improved and stabilized test cases involving offline message features in Native SDK
– Built an offline message express service, analyzed and located the problem of the Express service resource leakage

– In order to expand the nodes participating in the cross-chain consensus to 36 DPoS nodes, the multi-signature rules for the creation of withdrawal transactions of Arbiter nodes, the sidechain mining transaction signature rules and related RPC interfaces were adjusted, and parameters were added for data compatibility
– Added unit tests for unelected DPoS nodes to participate in DPoS consensus
– Fixed the issue where the transaction check failure of the staff on duty when the CR committee was changed, resulting in the failure of normal fork and reorganization

DID Side Chain
– Organized the design documents that passed the CR proposal for reservation, application for Customized ID, and adjustment of ID rate
– Completed the development work of reservating the Customized ID through the CR proposal and added unit tests
– Completed the development work of applying for a Customized ID through the CR proposal
– Developed DID key rolling transaction related tools and started related testing work
– Discussed the DID certificate on-chain scheme and completed the development of related modules
– Submited DID Deactivate related code
– Integrated new codes

ETH Side Chain
– Solved the problem of node crash caused by event.notify
– Fixed the problem that the direct connection network and P2P network are not synchronized and cannot be reconnected
– Assisted the community development team to solve the problem of excessive gas estimation
– Assisted community members to solve the problem of gasprice being 0 when using MetaMask
– Considered the recharge transaction optimization plan
– The geth test framework added contract deployment method calls, contract status filters and other related RPC interface tests
– Researched the blockscout Ethereum side chain browser architecture, and deployed the Ethereum side chain browser development environment

Elastos Wallet
– Fixed the problem of address checking when creating sidechain recharge transactions, and added the address checking interface for sidechain
– Fixed the problem that synchronization stops due to special types of transactions
-Fixed the issue of incorrect source address parsing by SPVSDK due to ChainID change on ETH side chain
– Fixed the issue that the fromAddress of the transaction is incorrect due to the change of ChainID
– Solved the problem of incorrect fromAddress of contract transaction caused by serialization of targetAddress
– Added an interface to control the log level

Developer portal for elastOS has been update with guides about the recently added Trinity dApp SDK:

– Developers, get more info here: https://developer.elastos.org/build/elastos/guides/dapp-sdk/
– What does this contain? Helper methods for convenient DID manipulation, hive vault authentication, ethereum web3 provider, and a backup restore helper over hive.

Community News

The Elastos Foundation is thrilled to announce its selection to the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising startups. Read the full announcement:


November 6 

Feng Han attended the EBTC·2020 Future Insights Conference and EBTC2020 Awards Ceremony hosted by ErDuo Finance, where he shared the keynote speech of the Future of Decentralized Storage and DeFi. 

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