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Weekly Updates|5 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 21 May 2021


The core developer teams have several exciting updates including Carrier 2 progress and the upcoming DID migration which will result in faster block times, switching from POW to DPoS, and adding smart contract capability.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Started the transition in the wallet from SPV mode to RPC mode, and docked with RPC backend services
– Improved toolchain support for iOS version
– Systematic testing and verification of the internal versions of iOS and Android, focusing on fixing the problems found in the test

– Removed SPV adapter and related JNI implementation, and updated copyright information and other internal optimizations in Native SDK
– Fixed the problems in local test verification in Swift SDK which is now based on Web3 on-chain verification of DIDcoument/Credential on
– Completed compatibility test with Java Simulated ID chain in Swift SDK
– Supplemented the export/import implementation of DID Store in Swift SDK
– Completed the test cases and fixes the problems found by the test in Swift SDK
– Updated to the latest Native SDK (depends on HDKey) in Swift SDK
– Provided build and distribution packages for browsers and NodeJS respectively in Typescript SDK
– Added test cases and verified the SDK implementation based on the case in Typescript SDK

– Reviewed and optimized the API interface definition of the Backup/Payment/Subscription module of Hive Node
– Adjusted the implementation of the interface code in Hive node according to the reviewed interface document
– Optimized Scripting APIs and internal implementation in Hive node
– Code optimization for the interaction between the Java SDK and the Node API
– Reviewed the API of the Java SDK
– Added API definitions for obtaining Vault and Backup service properties
– Referred to the Java interface to implement synchronous update of the Swift APIs interface in Hive Swift SDK

– In the Windows environment, you can now use the custom SDK tool to compile the Carrier Native SDK Windows port
– Released version v6.0.3 for Carrier Native SDK that fixes the problem of SDK compilation and runtime on Windows environment
– Carrier 2 structure design and preliminary determination of the implementation plan
– Features planning and detailed definition of Carrier 2
– Code implementation of Carrier 2 basic framework

– Modified the cross-chain transaction payload structure to support cross-chain information transfer and test
– Adjusted the refund amount of the recharge correction transaction to the amount recorded in the crosschain in the payload
– Improved cross-chain recharge transaction compatibility
– The verification logic of the main chain recharge correction transaction has been adjusted to be the same as arbiter
– Completed node quick start function development and testing
– Developed abnormal test cases for illegal voting and illegal proposals based on the v0.7.0 version
– The main chain now stores returndeposittx transactions, and a new RPC call is added to obtain existing returndeposit transactions
– Added returndeposittx retransmission logic in Arbiter along with new database tables and corresponding storage deletion logic

DID Side Chain
– Developed a DID data migration tool to support writing the DID data on the original DID chain to local and migrating to the new DID sidechain
– Prepared DID data migration tool usage documents

ETH Side Chain
– Continued to investigate the PoS mechanism and fork processing logic of ETH 2.0
– Studied the verification logic of L2 fraud proofs and malicious transfers
– Studied Optimism verification logic
– Attempted to construct fraudulent verification transactions
– Added cross-chain transfer in transactions on ETH sidechain browser

Elastos Wallet
– Completed SDK core algorithm library development with P2P module removed
– Added support for Heco chain in SDK
– Continued to perform functional tests such as CR re-election and fixed the issues that were found

Community News

May 14

Elastos co-founder Feng Han participated in an event for his book ” Wealth in the Quantum Era” held at the Shanghai Fintech Museum.

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