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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 22 May 2020


The first ever CR Council Elections will culminate on June 10th marking a significant milestone for the entire Elastos community.

Don’t forget to vote.

Also, Elastos Carrier was upgraded to offer offline friend requests. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Enhanced title bar implementation, added API for dynamically adjusting function buttons, and improved visual feedback
– Runtime now supports native mode dApp management and interaction
– Completed the development of the basic version of native wallet for iOS
– Created a Trinity built-in and durable Carrier ID for the communication needs of runtime nodes
– Trinity now supports contact event notification during operation
– Support for intent to display contact information
– Support for DID login to CR website by scanning QRCode
– Support for JWT and JWS
– Trinity-cli now supports DID import
– Organized demo dApps into a separate category to improve the visual experience of dApp store
– Unified the UI style of built-in dApps
– Password manager test and issue list revision
– Updated FireBase to the latest version
– Added the TypeScript prototype for clipboard
– Improved the build script of iOS version

– Improved DID Resolve processing Native SDK
– Implemented deactivate process based on test backend in Native SDK
– Developed the functions to support JWT in Native SDK

– Completed the database service of Hive++ vaults, and expanded the interface to meet the front-end requirements for dynamically creating data types during data storage
– Completed writing API interface document of Hive Android SDK, and realized the generation of APIs document through script
– Developed Hive++ vaults file storage service and interface

– Released a new version v5.5.1 for Native / Android / Swift SDK
– Optimized offline message scheme to ensure that offline messages will not be lost
– Continued to implement the newly added interface to confirm the arrival after the message is sent; the interface informs the caller through the callback method that the message is sent directly to the peer (online method) or to the offline message storage platform (offline method)
– Discussed the WebRTC iOS SDK project planning with the WebRTC community cooperation team.
– Assisted the community development team to start integrating DID identity in Feeds Service / Node, adjust and optimize the message type and message response processing of the front-end dApp
– Assisted the community development team to continue to update the UI / UX implementation code of feeds dApp based on the improved UI / UX design
– Assisted the community development team to implement the front-end authentication process on the Feeds Service / Node side, and implement the access token mechanism for generating authorized access

– Released v0.4.3 version
– Main chain browser now supports CR related transactions
– Added the statistics of the proposal transaction accounted for budgets in mempool
– Conducted transaction stress test
– Completed the relevant tests such as CR transition
– Fixed bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
– Development of ETH sidechain consensus engine switching (POA-> DPOS)
– Added ELAMsg and ELAMsgEvent structures to complete p2p inventory network adaptation
– Wrote local unit test scripts

DID Side Chain
– Adjustment and testing of trading pool rearrangement codes
– Deployed the DID proxy service on the testnet and coordinated with Greenpass service developed by the community team

Elastos Wallet
– Completed the development of related functions for proposal withdrawal transactions
– Added interface for calculating proposal hash
– Fixed the bug that failed to create a proposal transaction
– Fixed the bug that the transaction records are displayed incorrectly under special circumstances
– Fixed bug of ID transaction cache error

Tuum Team Update

* Developer growth campaign currently adding 100+ contacts weekly through https://try.elastos.org/ionic-framework/
* Initial strategy and discussion for a webinar to be held in June
* Updated elastOS wallet designs
* Ongoing design and development of elastos.info
* Assist dApp for elastOS nearly ready for first demo. An internal preview of design and flow has been completed and will be followed with a video showcase of the MVP next.
* Vouch dApp for elastOS nearly ready for first demo. The team has optimized screens and moved design to development and will be creating a video showcase next.
* File transfer has now been added to Hyper dApp for elastOS and is currently operational with images.
* Academy dApp team has created a non-interactive always-online carrier node that will be used to handle chat functionalities for both lobby and guild chats. A new Challenge a Friend game is in development.
* Sent bi-weekly newsletter highlighting Bitcoin Halving and the Elastos Mainchain, an update on Hyper dApp for elastOS, and showcased the developer portal update.
* Nucleus Console added unit testing, sanity testing, and end-to-end testing for Elastos Smartweb server (gRPC server written in Python) and for python client library (gRPC python client library).
* Nucleus Console added support for Ethereum RPC APIs on golang client library.
* Started Continuous Build and Continuous Integration using Github Actions for both Elastos Smartweb Service and Nucleus Console.
* Fixed bugs on DID login with elastOS for Nucleus Console and started development on deploying GMUnet using Kubernetes cluster.
* Updated Deploy ETH contract service with new features on Nucleus Console.

Cyber Republic

The inaugural CR Council Election will culminate on June 10th at block height 658930. Don’t forget to vote for our first democratically elected CR Council Members! https://news.elastos.org/cr-council-election-and-ela-node-upgrade-announcement/

Community News

May 06

Feng Han attended a live chat room and delivered the 3rd lecture on National Wealth Powered by Blockchain – Here is a summary of what Feng shared: Although this epidemic has brought a big hit to the economies of the world, we will see hope in the future due to technologies like the digital economy and blockchain. Currently, China and the United States are actively engaged in developing digital currency. That means that we are preparing for the arrival of the next wealth consensus, which is to use personal data assets to reach a new global wealth consensus.


May 06-20 – New York Blockchain Week Hackathon – Online 

Elastos is sponsoring the NY Blockchain Week Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin in collaboration with Ethereal Summit and CoinDesk. Calling all developers: The elastOS challenges for NY Blockchain Week Hackathon are now posted to Gitcoin. Interested in data privacy, DIDs, P2P apps, digital assets? Submit until May 27 and win prizes.
Challenge 1: https://gitcoin.co/issue/elastos/Elastos.Community/505/4300
Challenge 2: https://gitcoin.co/issue/elastos/Elastos.Community/506/4303

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