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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 22 November 2019


The last two weeks have seen the DX Team add two new developers, a new supernode upgrade, videos for Kiran and Clarence’s presentations from SF Blockchain Week, Feng Han attending several blockchain events and the Trinity team continuing to make great progress.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Browser (Trinity)
– Completed the development of the functions which supports Trinity cli to sign EPK using the new version of DID
– Trinity cli now supports ReactJS application template
– Completed the design of the DID-based Friend relationship in Trinity
– Completed the API permission mechanism
– Improved the DApp management API
– Completed the Carrier Plugin’s Group and FileTransfer modules based on the Android/iOS platform
– Completed the first version prototype of DPoS Voting DApp
– Continued to develop DID DApp
– Located and resolved the issue where Carrier Plugin couldn’t receive asynchronous notifications on iOS

– Testing and improvement of the Hive Native SDK
– Android/Swift SDK design and development

– Solved a bug in FileTransfer for the Swift/iOS SDK version to get the file name and file ID
– Discussed technical solutions and engineering plans for WebRTC import

– Java SDK now supports ID Sidechain
– Modified all Base64 encodings related to DID to Base64URL mode (DID/SPV/ID Sidechain)
– Improved the initialization process of the Java SDK’s DIDStore
– Testing and improvement of the Native SDK

– Completed the development of CR proposal withdrawal-related function
– Completed the development of ELIP proposal related function
– Optimized node performance by migrating part of the data to ffldb
– Test framework added support for proposal and proposal review transactions

ETH Sidechain
– Researched upgrading to the Constantinople update
– Designed sequence diagram of DPoS consensus

Elastos Wallet
– Completed the first phase of CR related function development and started related test work
– Modified the interface of sending proposal transaction
– Completed the transaction interface for CR committee impeachment
– Optimized the underlying P2P communication mechanism

-ELA Supernode Upgrade: Version v0.3.9 released
This upgrade includes several fixes and updates related to the block height of the Elastos main chain. It is recommended that all DPoS supernode participants complete the upgrade as soon as possible.
The Release Note can be found at https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.ELA/blob/master/docs/release-notes/release-notes-0.3.9.md

DX Team Update

• Two new developers added to Companion App project
• Working with Noderators on Companion App content
• Elastos Console (Nucleus) 2020 proposal complete
• DID login implemented on Nucleus website
• 50% complete with Elastos Console (Nucleus) Phase 1
• Trinity (elastOS) DPoS designs complete
• Bi-weekly developer email sent highlighting Private Net, Elastos Console (Nucleus), and development opportunities
• Initial preparation of Eth Developer Workshop #2

Cyber Republic

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/11/11/biweekly-update-nov-11th/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

Kiran Pachhai’s presentation at SF Blockchain Week was released

Clarence Liu’s panel at SF Blockchain Week was released

November 09

Feng Han attended the 2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Conference. The conference included a wide range of topics including the birth and evolution of blockchain, blockchain infrastructures, the future of decentralized finance, and mutual integrations among different industries and application landings.  The theme of the conference was New Potential Energy in the Next Decade. The topic of domestic public chains received  was the finale of the conference. Feng Han was invited to participate in the dialogue and shared his thoughts together with NEO founder Hongfei Da, Quantum Chain founder Shuai Chu, and the founder of Babbit and Biyuan Chain Chang Xia.

November 15

Feng Han delivered a speech on Elastos-based Data Capitalization Campaign at the Henan Internet Conference.

November 18

Feng Han delivered a speech titled as the Data Capitalization Campaign in the 5G Era at the Beijing Oga Art Museum.

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