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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 22 October 2021


The Elastos core development teams continue to expand and update the infrastructure of the Elastos Ecosystem, with two updates for Essentials in the last two weeks alone.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials

– Released version 2.3.0 of the Android platform. This version includes 30 improvements to Wallet, Identify and other components, supports networks such as Fantom, and further completes the integration of Unstoppable Domains
– Improved the implementation of bridging on various networks
– Optimized the UI/UX of network switching to make it more convenient
– Supported for adding custom Ethereum compatible networks
– Unstoppable domains supports more networks (ELA, Heco, BSC…)
– Completed integration with Glide finance
– The wallet now supports obtaining the current price of ERC tokens and provides the total amount of reference legal currency for all assets
– Added in-app browser context menu support
– Completed bookmark management of In-App browser and network connection
– Handled the adaptation problem of In-app browser to the iOS platform, and fixed bugs on the iOS platform
– Fixed some bugs in dApp integration and interaction with Essentials
– Updated the DID SDK to fix the problem of abnormal DID expiration on the Buddhist Calendar system
– When it is currently a non-Elastos network, hide CR/DPoS voting and other applications from the Launcher

– Solved the problem that the system calendar of the Swift SDK on the iOS/macOS platform was abnormally expired when it was using a lunisolar calendar.
– Verified that the Native/JavaScript SDK is correctly processed when the system is using a lunisolar calendar.
– Solved the compilation problem of Native SDK on Raspberry Pi devices
– Solved the problem that the Native SDK https(libcurl) cannot verify the SSL certificate on some platforms

– Cleaned up the internal implementation code of Hive Node
– Formulated Hive project warehouse branch/Release/version branch management specifications
– Improved the test cases of Hive Node, and improved several implementations of Hive Node according to the test cases and development needs
– Optimized the implementation of Hive Node backup/restore process to ensure its stability

– Continued the development of Carrier 2.0

– Released v0.8.1 version of ELA node. This version supports functions such as fast node startup, fast small cross-chain deposit, registration of side chain proposals, and full text of proposals on the chain.
– Conducted DPoS 2.0 business logic discussion and logic development.
– Organized transaction structure documents

EID Sidechain
– Updated the effective character set of the Customized ID to letters and numbers. Customized ID not only has the functions of ordinary DID, but also supports the use of custom strings as DID identifiers, and can perform DID operations and management through multi-signatures, and can transfer the ownership of Customized IDs. The user can register a character string with special meaning as the identifier of the Customized ID, and use the ID as the DID of the team or organization, and issue certificates through the DID. When the management authority of the team or organization needs to be transferred, there is no need to change the DID of the organization , You can directly complete the replacement of management personnel by transferring the ownership of the DID.
– RPC interface resolvedid now supports omitting did:elastos prefix query Customized ID
– Completed the relevant changes to the Customized ID proposal
– Fixed the problem of sorting the controller array in DID Document
– Fixed other issues found

ESC Sidechain
– Debugged the implementation of the proxy contract upgrade
– Wrote ESC sidechain related documents
– Discussed the follow-up development plan of layer2
– Found the problem of ESC browser contract verification failure

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Completed support for different addresses on different networks such as BTC Segregated Witness, ripple, etc.
– Refactored the derivation logic of BTC and ETH, completed the modification of the public and private key derivation part, and added unit tests
– Modified data structures such as local storage and keystore, and added btc master public key for address derivation

ELA v0.8.1 Node Upgrade Announcement

The Elastos ELA v0.8.1 Node Program has been released, and contains the following updates:

1. Quick start for main chain nodes;
2. Low-value cross-chain transfer times reduced (live at block height 1,032,840);
3. Support data transfers via Sidechain transfers (live at block height 1,032,840);
4. Reverse transaction feature (live at block height 1,032,840);
5. Support for Sidechain registration proposals (live at block height 1,032,840);
6. Disabled Sidechain transfers for previous DID Sidechain (live at block height 1,032,840);
7. Support for on-chain publication of proposal content (lve at block height 1,056,600).

It is recommended that the AuxPoW and DPoS node partners complete the node upgrade for v0.8.1 before November 1, 2021.

Release Note:

Community News

Elastos Essentials 2.3.1 for Android and iOS is available on google play and iTunes:

– For iOS users: everything included in 2.3.0 (https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.Essentials/wiki/Release-2.3.0) plus:
– Wallet: more currencies displayed (GBP, EUR, etc).
– Wallet: display ERC20 tokens prices and computation in wallet’s total balance value.
– Wallet: pricing for Arbitrum ETH, Fantom native coins.
– Wallet: fixed failure to send ERC20 token transactions sometimes.
– Wallet: fixed custom EVM network JS error
– Identity: fixed DID not working on iOS with non gregorian calendars.
– Browser: implementation of web3 signature commands (ex: for sushiswap liquidity withdraw).
– Connectivity SDK: method to issue credentials to others (used by Profile).
– Plus many other smaller fixes and improvements.

– Google play and iTunes download: https://elink.elastos.net/download

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