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Weekly Updates|5 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 23 April 2021


The Gelaxy Team released a comprehensive 2021 roadmap for its planned upgrades to the Elastos main chain and sidechain infrastructure, while every other developer team released their own important updates to the core code.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Improved the implementation of the Connectivity SDK according to the needs and problems in the development, and improved the interaction design of the UI
– Supported setting user avatar directly through Camera in the way of Intent
– New splash screen enabled
– Changed the package/bundle name of the application to org.elastos.essential.*
– Solved the problem of not receiving intents after the target application is closed in a specific mode
– Improved the Wallet application
– Adjusted the Essentials UI design
– Completed the code of DID TypeScript SDK
– Integrated the code for the iOS version and prepared the first iOS version for internal testing
– Released the Android internal verification version of Essentials, and focused on fixing the problems found in the internal beta version test
– Fixed the compatibility issue with CR DID login
– Solved the issue where the avatar could not be loaded and published normally in some cases when publishing DID
– Fixed the issue of credential loading, display and refresh on DID dApp

– Native SDK completed the docking with the new ID side chain using Web3, and improved the test cases on this basis
– Native SDK cleaned up the dependency on SPVSDK and ran all test cases based on Web3
– Native SDK verified the deactivate operation of DID in the new ID side chain
– Java SDK completed the preparation of API documentation
– Java SDK added Web3Adapter and realized the docking with the new ID side chain
– Swift SDK added test cases for DID 2.0, and tested and verified the new features

– Completed the implementation of vault backup synchronization based on HTTP protocol, and related tests in Hive Node
– Solved the exception that uploaded handles under resource competition conditions in Hive Node
– Organized API interface documentation
– Java SDK was implemented in stable and optimized code, and supplemented with test cases
– Optimized network request and other related processing and implementation code in Swift SDK
– Completed test cases related to backup and database in Swift SDK

– Sorted out the current outstanding problems in our application, and evaluated the improvement plan of the DHT network
– Evaluated and verified potential decentralized network implementation solutions

Main chain
– Discussed the implementation of CustomID reservation related proposals
– Modified the checkpoint of CR and DPoS to cover all the memory states of CR and DPoS
– Reviewed quick start and checkpoint related code
– Used the ETH sidechain data in the production environment to test the return logic after the cross-chain withdrawal fails
– Built a cross-chain data transfer test environment, built cross-chain test data to carry out related tests
– Tested ELA’s production reduction income and fixed the problem of inaccurate income data in some cases
– Fixed the issue of API-Misc’s rising resource usage under certain circumstances

DID Sidechain
– Added support for abbreviated public key identification (URI) in the new DID sidechain which supports both #primary and DIDaddress#primary
– Developed and tested the function of migrating DID data to the new DID side chain
– Added DID transaction re-processing logic to the new DID side chain

 ETH Sidechain
– Added P2P messages for broadcasting small cross-chain transactions
– Increased the weighting of small transactions signed by Arbiter and counted the number of signatures of the same transaction by different Arbiter
– Set up a local Optimism contract debugging environment and study Optimism implementation logic

Elastos Wallet
– Developed SDK core algorithm library, added support for Heco and other chains
– Carried out functional tests such as CR election

Community News

The Gelaxy Team is the blockchain focused developer team in the #Elastos ecosystem. Their 2021 plans involve essential updates and improvements to the main chain and sidechains that make Elastos so unique. Read our can’t-miss update here:


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