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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 23 October 2020


With an elastOS Android update release slated for release soon, the core infrastructure teams have a plethora of new updates in the works. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– Upgraded SPV SDK and continued to improve ETH sidechain related functions
– Improved the Wallet dApp to support the related functions of the ETH sidechain and started a comprehensive test
– Improved elastOS Runtime to provide compatible support for elastOS Native
– Continued to improve the elastOS Native Runtime and toolchain, and improved the problems in the process of converting existing dApps into Native applications
– Upgraded DID Plugin
– Developed Hive Manager dApp to verify and improve the implementation of the latest version of Hive Plugin
– elastOS DevTool began to support publishing dApps to Hive Vaults
– Updated elastOS cli to support elastOS desktop version
– New version of DID dApp testing and bug fixes

– Continued to discuss the DID v2.0 version specification definition and implementation plan
– Completed the implementation of serialization and parsing of DID objects in preparation for DID 2.0 on Java SDK
– Updated the DID document object to provide basic support for custom names on Java SDK
– Supported customized named DID on DID Native SDK
– Supported the use of customized named DID to publish and resolve credentials on DID Native SDK
– Provided an interface set of Object-C language version on DID Swift SDK
– Solved the SDK script packaging problem of DID Swift SDK after Xcode upgrade to the latest version

– Evaluated the client-side encryption implementation of DB and files
– Optimized the Json serialization processing of parameters used by the front-end Hive Java SDK to access the database
– Designed the Hive Node back-end storage service payment model, and started development to realize the payment module
– Designed the output content and format to support the front end to customize the Vault service runtime script
– Solved the bug of Hive Node user login authentication process
– Added test cases to the back-end Hive Node to enhance the verification interface function and service stability
– Solved the bug that appears when users use cross-scripting to access the Vault service
– Updated and deployed Hive Nodes and provided them to the community development team Hyper for development verification

– Optimized the judgment criteria of the timeout benchmark. After the message is sent, the status of the Carrier node is changed to Friend Offline as the timeout benchmark
– Fixed the problem that Session/Stream callback is not triggered under certain conditions
– Fixed the abnormal reinitialization caused by the permission problem of the carrier data file
– Improved the apitests test cases in the Native SDK so that all test cases except offline messages can run normally

– Completed the development of the full content of the proposal on the chain
– DPoS consensus, revenue distribution and other modules have removed the dependency on 12 preset CR nodes, and added unit tests
– Added API to get token list on Misc API
– Added CI and improves unit test cases on Arbiter
– Prepared Illegal block/vote/proposal test environment and completed the test
– The mainchain browser is upgraded to support CR committee members to bind DPoS nodes and other new transaction types

DID Side Chain
– Continued to discuss the next stage of DID business requirements and implementation plans
– Added signature verification rules when the issuer of Verifiable Credential is empty, and added test cases

ETH Side Chain
– Released v0.1.2 version of ETH sidechain node and updated mainnet chainID switching height
– Modified networkID to keep it consistent with chainID
– Fixed the problem of unstable block production in the test environment
– Solved the problem that ordinary nodes cannot estimate gas
– Assisted the community development team to solve the problems encountered in the process of deploying smart contracts

Elastos Wallet
– Released ELA Wallet Android v1.4.6, iOS version has been submitted to App Store
– Updated the token list via RPC before synchronization starts
– Added an interface for returning token transactions on SPV SDK
– Added a new version of the stop/resume protocol of ETH sidechain P2P on SPV SDK
– Fixed the out-of-bounds problem caused by the size of the extraData of blockHeader on SPV SDK
– Solved the problem of disconnection from ETH nodes on SPV SDK

Community News

ELA Wallet Version 1.4.6 Upgrade Announcement 

This version of ELA Wallet contains the following upgrades:

1. Added three new types of community proposals, including motion to change proposals, motion to replace Secretary General, and motion to terminate proposals;
2. Added a voting statistics function for main chain assets which displays the status of all vote types in the wallet;
3. Added a multi-signature wallet function that allows multiple private keys to jointly manage a multi-sig wallet (Android);
4. Optimized DID function, adding custom on-chain information and DID card functions (Android);
5. Added App login security verification function;
6. Optimized the proposal fund withdrawal process;
7. Fixed known Bug.

-As always, please remember to back up your wallet prior to performing this upgrade.

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.android
App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ela-wallet/id1453348077

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