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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 24 April 2020


In this edition, a thorough AMA with Rong Chen and the team, Elastos is sponsoring New York Blockchain Week’s Virtual Hackathon, and a new article to familiarize yourself and newcomers with all of Elastos’ terminology.

Also over at Tuum Technologies, a new landing page has been created for Ionic framework developers, a database integration for the Hyper dApp is complete,  and two new videos launched focusing on developers and product update.

Let’s recap. 


Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Organized runtime’s authorization and related description according to the new rights management requirements
– Updated the Elastos schema specification and added a series of new methods for calling between applications
– Improved dApps permission management and authorization for UI / UX
– Runtime now retains the ID of built-in dApps and is not allowed to be used by third parties
– Improvement of Launcher UI experience, making collection operations more friendly
– Added intent of create DID in DID dApp
– DID dApp now supports image data in credentials, such as profile photo, etc.
– DID dApp now supports deletion identity
– Completed and released CRC Voting dApp
– Completed the decentralized DID Store and released a demo app based on Hive
– Updated DID SDK to support multiple backend instances
– In developer mode, Launcher reserves a debugging area to display network name and other related information
– Fixed the issue that the developer mode couldn’t be activated in the release version
– Fixed crash caused by differences in SQLite database version
– Maintained and updated dApps, fixed bugs from the feedback list

– Swift SDK now has additional test cases to increase test coverage
– Swift SDK has added compatibility test with Java SDK
– Swift SDK had added APIs to get DID history
– Native SDK has completed the compatibility verification of DID Store and DID publish
– Native SDK has completed adding of detailed error codes and error information support, and provided error location information in internal development mode
– Native SDK has added simulation backend support for quick verification
– Evaluated the implementation of the Python version to support the integration of DID in Python back-end services

– Verified the compilation and test cases of the new Hive Plugin on Trinity
– Refined Hive++ Node implementation plan and evaluated tasks
– Preliminary research on structured data storage and interface selection in the Hive++ vaults back-end storage solution

– Provided new features of sending large data blocks (1K ~ 5M) using Carrier message channel
– Updated Carrier Native SDK to use the latest NDK toolchain (android-ndk-r21) cross-compilation to generate Android running version
– Based on UI/UX design interface rough version, continued to optimize the implementation of feeds front-end dApp
– Collaborated to complete the implementation of DID identity sign-in by Feeds dApp using DID dApp on elastOS
– Provided the message data type and data format to support the Feeds backend
– Completed the back-end standardized processing and response of the data requirements of the Feeds request
– Designed and implemented feed-backed backend service integrated Elastos DID
– Continued to optimize WebRTC extension internal implementation and interface
– Complemented WebRTC Android SDK API interface documentation

– Adjusted part of the transaction structure according to the CR proposal process
– Arranged the flow chart of main chain transaction
– Fixed bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
– Added Proposal processing and unit testing
– Added PBFT in the process of ETH consensus, and completed generating single block through PBFT consensus

DID Side Chain
– Optimized SPV node connection and synchronization speed
– Added Expire check to DID Document
– Provided DID Spec technical support for Greenpass project

Elastos Wallet
– Completed ID chain synchronization speed optimization
– SPVSDK has completed the development of ETH sidechain for Ethereum Wallet and other modules, and continued to develop the EthSidechain SubWallet module
– Fixed the issue that the voting list of the CR wallet of the Android wallet would be lost
– Tested iOS wallet and fixed problems found

Elastos DID Node Upgrade: Version 0.1.4

The latest DID node upgrade, Version 0.1.4, serves mainly to optimize SPV synchronization speed. In order to elevate performance, all DPoS nodes are strongly advised to upgrade to Version 0.1.4 as soon as possible.

For technical details, the corresponding GitHub Release Note and Documentation Reference are available at the following links:

GitHub Release Note:


Tuum Team Update

• Launched new landing page dedicated to Ionic Framework developers
• Bi-Weekly developer newsletter sent highlighting Technical Updates, elastOS Showcase video, and new Ionic landing page
• Started UI/UX design for the new elastOS Feeds dApp
• Kicked off development of the new elastOS Vouch dApp by creating repositories, previewing a basic demo, and reviewing wireframes
• Began development on the new elastOS Assist dApp
• Released v1.5.0 and v1.6.0 of Academy dApp
• Initial database integration complete for Hyper dApp
• Added a new page to display different dApp templates to Nucleus Console and fixed issues on elastOS dApp dashboard page.
• Implemented JWT for Golang client library on the Elastos Smartweb Service
• Completed the first part of Phase 2 (Jan-Mar) of Nucleus Console and now working towards the second part of Phase 2 (Apr – Jun).
• Compiled elastos.academy video files for translation and added new translated content in Chinese
• Assisted Trinity team with new UI/UX for creating a digital identity when first loading elastOS to enhance the new user process and highlight DID
• Published a closer look into Elastos technical updates here:

• Released a product showcase of elastOS v1.1.0 here:

Cyber Republic

The Elastos Foundation has released a statement regarding the upcoming CRC election process: https://news.elastos.org/crc-schedule-update/

Community News

The Elastos ecosystem has grown into a vast assortment of terms to describe the full breadth of the new SmartWeb. The Beginner’s Guide breaks down every term for easy learning, refreshing, and sharing. Read the full document here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-ecosystem-terminology-a-beginners-guide/

Rong Chen and founding members of Elastos teams took the time to answer your questions in our April AMA. Read here:  https://news.elastos.org/elastos-founding-team-ama-april-2020/

ELA Wallet Server Maintenance Announcement
The Elastos Blockchain Team will be performing maintenance on the ELA Wallet server on April 25, 2020 from 6:00AM to 8:00AM (UTC).
During the maintenance period, data pertaining to DPoS Consensus and the ongoing CR Council election may be unavailable. After the maintenance is complete, any impacted features will return to normal function.
As always, we thank the community for its continuing support.
April 24, 2020
Elastos Blockchain Team

April 10

Feng Han delivered an open class at Golden Finance and shared his thoughts on National Wealth Powered by Blockchain. In the open class, Mr. Han explained the foundation of wealth generation, the stages of wealth development and the importance of blockchain technology for a new wealth consensus.

April 21

Feng Han participated in a live broadcast of Nakamoto Finance and completed his third lecture regarding National Wealth Powered by Blockchain. He elaborated on whether China can contribute to the formation of the next wealth consensus.


May 06-20 – New York Blockchain Week Hackathon – Online 

Elastos is sponsoring the NY Blockchain Week Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin in collaboration with Ethereal Summit and CoinDesk. Look for the official Elastos challenge including ELA prizes on this account and our github page soon. Read about the event here: https://hackathons.gitcoin.co/nybw/

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