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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 24 September 2021


The last two weeks saw significant updates from the core development teams including several DID releases,  updates for Hive compatibility with IPFS, and the comprehensive Elastos Essentials v2.2.0 release for Android and iOS including multi-network support + dApp browser and more.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released version v2.2.0 for Android and iOS. The Wallet component of this version supports multiple network environments such as Ethereum, Heco, BSC, Fusion, Arbitrum, and can quickly switch between networks and wallets
– Added popular ERC20 tokens to the built-in list
– Improved the UI/UX of DApp browser
– Pass the current network provider to the Web3 interface of the dApp browser
– Improved the Connectivity SDK, added APIs for credential management, and provided related Intent interfaces
– Updated Wallet-SDK to the latest version to get new API support
– Completed the support for Unstoppable Domain so that users can view decentralized websites
– Fixed the bug that WalletConnect does not work properly on the iOS platform
– Fixed some issues on the wallet reported by community users

– Released Java SDK version v2.1.3, the command line tool added the DID publishing function, supporting the release of DID to the mainnet and the testnet
– Released Swift SDK version v2.1.9 that has internal optimization and bugfixes
– Implemented automatic selection of the corresponding DID Resolver on Swift SDK according to network availability
– Released Javascript SDK v2.1.1 that fixes the problem of setting properties of Credentials Issuer and it now automatically selects the best DID Resolver
– Implemented automatic selection of the corresponding DID Resolver on Native SDK according to network availability
– Implemented the full support of DID/DIDURL parsing on Native SDK
– Improved internal implementation details on Native SDK

– Hive Node v1 local file storage is now compatible with IPFS file storage
– Improved the anonymous access method of files in Hive node
– Improved the test case code related to Hive Node and IPFS storage
– Improved the Backup/Restore mechanism and made improvements for the IPFS backend on Hive Node
– Optimized the DID generation logic on Hive Node internal test cases
– Released a new Hive node integrated test version of IPFS and deployed it to the test environment, adding test cases for verification
– Tested and verified the integrated IPFS function of Hive node through Swift SDK

– Implemented the Push message SDK that can be deployed in multiple centers
– Continued the development of Carrier 2.0

– Discussed the DPoS 2.0 design plan to optimize the DPoS consensus model in the DPoS 2.0 solution to improve the stability and security of the Elastos network
– Investigated feasible solutions for adding Lightning Network to the main chain and evaluate the development workload. The Lightning Network is a solution for fast payment of digital assets. By introducing it into the main chain, the transfer time of assets on the main chain can be shortened and the transfer efficiency can be improved.
– Prepared transaction structure documents
– Continued to test the stability of the schnorr signature of cross-chain withdrawal transactions
– Adjusted the page design of DPoS proposal and CR proposal in the block details page on Blockchain browser
– Fixed other discovered issues

EID Sidechain
– Completed the development of Customized ID related functions and submitted for testing. Customized ID not only has the functions of ordinary DID, but also supports the use of custom strings as DID identifiers, and can perform DID operations and management through multi-signatures, and can transfer the ownership of Customized IDs. The user can register a character string with special meaning as the identifier of the Customized ID, and use the ID as the DID of the team or organization, and issue certificates through the DID. When the management authority of the team or organization needs to be transferred, there is no need to change the DID of the organization. The replacement of management personnel can be completed directly by transferring the ownership of the DID.
– Fixed the problem of signature verification failure caused by DID Document array sorting
– Continued to test the EID browser

ESC Sidechain
– Completed the debugging of the batch interface of layer2->layer1
– Tested the function of layer2’s aribter to dynamically update according to spv
– Fixed the problems found in the dynamic perception function test
– Performed other preparations before the launch of Layer 2

Lightning Network
– Studied the transaction rules for lightning transfer in the presence of an intermediary
– Conducted tests on the opening of Lightning Network channels and fees

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Completed the development work of deriving various BTC addresses through private keys and creating BTC transactions. The completion of this part of the development work signifies that Wallet-SDK has completed the support of major public chains such as Elastos, Ethereum and Bitcoin, so that the wallet integrated with the SDK has the ability to become a full-chain wallet, which is of great significance to the expansion of the Elastos ecosystem .
– Studied the implementation of Lightning Network c-lightning, and prepared for SDK to support Lightning Network. After this part of the development work is completed, Wallet-SDK will support Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, and wallets using this SDK will have the ability to perform Bitcoin’s Lightning Network transfers.

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