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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 25 February 2022


Customized decentralized IDs (DIDs) are coming, and so much more, in our Bi-Weekly Technical Update.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Updated Idriss Crypto integration
– Improved the update and release process after DID expires
– Adjusted the UI of the DPoS voting dApp in accordance with Essential’s unified style
– Upgraded Essentials dependencies to major versions
– Fixed a bug in DPoS voting for DPoS node owner processing
– Fixed several CR Suggestions bugs
– Begin to optimize and improve the core module series

– Developed Customized ID automatic registration tool
– Fixed DID JavaScript SDK signing failure in Safari browser
– JavaScript SDK fixed build failure on newer versions of NodeJS
– Cleaned and optimized JavaScript SDK dependencies
– Fixed Swift SDK failing to compile on latest Xcode
– Added API documentation for JavaScript SDK

– Completed Ionic sample application based on Hive JS
– Implemented payment function interface of Hive JS SDK
– Solved the problem that the JS SDK interface cannot be called in the Ionic/Cordova application context
– Solved the problem that the file data could not be downloaded automatically by script
– Added test cases based on JS Browser environment
– Improved the deployment script for installing Hive Node using Docker mode
– Deployed the Hive SDK API reference website for Hive documentation reference

– Continued the development of Carrier2

– Continued development of DPoS 2.0 exchange and cancellation of votes
– Adjusted the part about DPoS 2.0 voting and cancel voting in lua script, and performed self-test
– ela-cli added support for registering CR members and updating CR members

EID Side Chain
– Customized DID feature officially enabled on EID. This function is one of the core functions of DID 2.0. On the basis of all the functions of normal DID, it has more user-friendly functions such as supporting the use of specific strings as customized DID identifiers, supporting multi-sign, and supporting transfer of ownership.

ESC Side Chain
– Developed ERC1155 cross-chain function
– Did cross-chain testing of layer2 weth, ERC20, ERC721 and other tokens
– Fixed the problem that layer2 cross-chain contracts could not pass verification
– Fixed an issue where ESC nodes may be out of sync in certain situations

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Added seed import and export interfaces

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